Sydney is a beautiful city, with a plethora of outdoor activities to keep you occupied. However, if you love working out in a more controlled environment like a fitness and gym club, then here are some tips:


It’s no use taking a membership for a fitness and gym club Sydney has to offer if it’s too far away from either your home or your place of work. A gym close by means that you will be motivated to go there. However, if it’s too far away, then chances are that you will soon lose the motivation to travel so much just for a bit of exercise.


One of the biggest barriers to fitness is embarrassment. When we are out of shape, we tend to be embarrassed about working out in front of other people – especially when they are super fit! 

So, check out the people working out at the gym. Are they people you will be comfortable working out in front of, or will you just start skipping gym because you feel demotivated about yourself?

Another key to being comfortable in a fitness club is the staff. If the staff is warm, welcoming, friendly, polite and professional, then they will make you feel at home at the gym. 

Large Gym or Small?

Large fitness and gym clubs can be a little impersonal, and everyone feels like a stranger. However, there are many of us who prefer the intimacy of a smaller gym, where you can get personalised attention and that cater to overweight or inexperienced members. 

Condition and Range of Training Equipment

A good fitness and gym club will have exercise equipment that is either new or in excellent condition. You will also have a range of equipment that will cater to all fitness disciplines. 

A gym that is concerned about its members will ensure that its training floor is kept clean and tidy. Staff will be at hand to help you out and there will be clear instructions of use against each of the exercise machines. 

Training and Fitness

A good fitness club will offer not just a range of exercise equipment, but also fitness classes for all age groups and fitness levels. The list of classes will be posted at the gym and many gyms today offer free classes for their members. You can try them out and decide which ones you like best. 


The trainers at a gym are what makes a difference in your fitness experience. When you hire a personal trainer, you are hiring them for their knowledge and experience – to help you get that fitness level you want safely and surely. A good trainer will customise your training plan to suit your specific needs so that you can effectively train and lose the pounds you want. 

Cost and Contract

You should also ask about the various gym membership packages that are offered. Each package will offer you different services and the cost will also be dependent on the duration of your membership.