If you’ve hit the gym a bit too hard and are currently struggling to get up off the sofa, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a love-hate relationship with the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) following a workout, it proves you’ve done a great session; however it hurts to carry out daily tasks! Here, we’ll talk you through how to cure those post workout aches.

Take Supplements

Certain supplements can help greatly in reducing the muscle soreness you feel after a big workout. They can aid in muscle recovery and replenish lost nutrients you might struggle getting through your diet. For example, CBD supplements are a great allrounder for your health as well as your muscle recovery; it has anti-inflammatory properties as well as pain reducing properties and can also improve sleep and your mood. Because of the rising popularity, you can now get CBD at your local supermarket or even in online stores like Area 52. Other supplements you may want to consider adding into your diet are whey protein for that extra boost of protein, BCAA’s which are an amino acid your body doesn’t make on its own but can aid in muscle recovery, and creatine which turns into energy to speed up muscle recovery.

Eat the Right Food Post Workout

The 30 minutes after your workout are the most important for muscle recovery. Your muscles are most receptive to carbohydrates and protein within this time, so it’s best to start your recovery eating then. For the next 24 hours after, make sure to include lots of antioxidants and protein to improve the recovery of the workout even further and watch as your muscle soreness reduces in duration. As your exercise you lose lots of fluid and electrolytes as you sweat, so drinking water and sports drinks is a great way of ensuring these are topped up and therefore reducing muscle soreness. 

Use a Foam Roller

Using a foam roller after your workouts can help repair your muscles after a hard workout. When your muscles are sore, try foam rolling to decrease the swelling in muscles and enhance tissue healing – it may make you want to cry, but it’ll be worth it. By foam rolling for just 20 minutes immediately following a workout and then 24 hours after a workout may reduce muscle soreness and allow you to continue making dynamic movements as normal. 

Make the Most of Rest Days

Sometimes, all your muscles need is to rest. If you’re experiencing the aftereffects of your workout and the soreness is getting a bit too much, take it easy for a few days while your body adapts. Or even try some light exercise like walking or swimming to ease the pain. Make sure you also get enough sleep! Getting enough sleep not only allows you to take a break from the soreness of moving about, but it’s been seen that getting in enough winks will allow your muscles to recover and can reduce inflammation. 


Although there are steps you can take to prevent muscle ache post workout, there are some ways you can help cure it. If your pain is so severe that you struggle to walk, we recommend taking time off from exercising until you are fully recovered or see a doctor about possible muscle damage.