Many of us feel life is rushing by, happening all around us, out of our control. Sometimes it can create feelings of panic and emotional distress when you feel you just can’t get on top of life’s worries and stresses. Maybe you feel like your life is cluttered and messy. Sometimes, we all do. So, the question is, how do we get on top of this? How can one organize and structure their life to make it less stressful, easier, and more relaxed day to day? We have been doing our research and would like to share with you our top tips for how to better and easier organize your life. Read on to find out everything we have learned.

Have A Plan & Write It Down

First things first, you need to have a plan. Having a plan of where you want your life to go and what you want to do is the first step in organizing your life and relaxing your mind. Without a plan, you can feel lost and aimless in your daily routine. Sound familiar? Many of the most organized people write down their plans for the year, week, month, or even day, and this helpful guide can show you how to do just the same. There is also a relief found in writing. Writing down your plans can help make them a reality, and the act of simply putting pen to paper can ease the mind – just like talking your issues out with a good friend or loved one.

Morning Routines

Some of the most successful people in life have very regular morning routines. Setting up your own morning routine helps bring initial structure into your life which can follow you throughout the day. For example, many of the busiest and top business owners start their day with a 15-minute meditation or 30-minute workout. By getting up a little early and starting your day with a fixed routine you can begin to train your mind to work in a more structured and organized way. Consider starting your day with some journaling, goal setting, light exercise, or mediation, if you repeat this daily for a couple of weeks we guarantee you will start to see the results filter through into your daily life.

Set Goals & Deadlines

Another top trick which involves a bit of writing is to set goals. These could be small things you want to get done in a single day or much bigger targets that you need to work towards over many months or years. Again, the act of writing them down not only helps to make them real but can prove cathartic and helpful in actually making some progress. You can do this using a simple journal and pen, or use apps to categorize your targets and check them off as you complete them.

Declutter Your Home

One thing that can cause the feeling of being disorganized more than many people realize is their home. Starting and ending your day in a home that feels cluttered, messy, and full can have a big effect on the brain. When looking at the items in your home you should try and categorize them into things you always need, sometimes need, or never need. Then when you look at the ‘never’ items, decide if any of it is truly important to you. Of course, many people like to keep memories and keepsakes, but sometimes we have to be a bit strict to help clear the mind. Throw away, recycle, or donate any items that you have decided you no longer need or want. Start to make room for what is really important. Starting this organization at home can really help build those feelings at work, and around other daily needs.

Tackle Procrastination

Now this one is easier said than done because procrastination is the enemy of productivity and can be very hard to tackle. The problem is, the longer you procrastinate away from doing a task, the harder that task will be to complete. Putting in the very first bit of effort to get off the sofa and start that job is the hardest part. Once you have started the rest usually falls into place very easily. If you have issues getting started, think about what’s holding you back. Is it video games? TV? Social media? Whatever it may be, we challenge you to delete those apps, or turn off that TV, and get started, NOW!

These then are the top tasks and tips you should be thinking about when trying to get your life organized. What’s stopping you from trying one of these today? Nothing! And that’s exactly the point. Get started today and feel your life starts to click into a much more easy and organized flow.