A smart person once said that even though learning from your own mistakes is the hardest way to progress, it is also the quickest and the best one. The lesson of pain experienced on your own skin is the best way to learn how to avoid it in the future, as I am sure everyone will agree. Further on we have outlined several mistakes and strategies on how to learn to overcome them, when it comes to building up those muscles.

The Mistakes

  • The problem of goal-setting – Making a list of goals is a great thing when trying to ebb away from a sedentary lifestyle. However, writing down your goals is hardly enough – there is more to it than simply jotting down when you expect to reach a certain weight, level of muscle mass or a competition date. A goal shouldn’t be looked upon as a thing to simply scratch off a list, but rather something to perpetually and eternally strive for.
  • Too many goals – Admittedly, keeping yourself busy is one of the best ways to succeed – involvement inspires more hard work. However, there is always a risk of short-circuiting your motivation, as well as your physicality. Instead of moving on to larger weights, or sprint distances, opt for making a slow, yet powerful and stable progress.
  • Fear of failure – This one has made even the most committed of athletes shake in their full-on sport gear. By default, we lack in belief in ourselves – the belief that we can, in fact reach our full potential. The fact that failure is the worst possible thing that could happen with regards to your physique is simultaneously a thing to fear, as well as a sort of relief. If you learn to look at it as the latter, you’ll provide yourself with tremendous ease. Never fear the failure – let it inspire you instead!
  • Fear of Success – Now, this is the other side of the coin – many are reluctant to try out a certain discipline or a competition due to the fear that if they succeed, they will be looked upon with envy – they’ll become something they’re not. Fret not, for those that truly are your friends will look upon you with pride. If nothing, this can set aside the rotten apples among those that surround you.

Failing for Success

  • Learning from your own mistakes– Failure is life’s greatest teacher. When we reach success, we tend to bask in the glory and all the benefits it brings. However, when we fail – we tend to over-analyze and question what went wrong. While this can be somewhat depressive and a mood killer, it will make sure you never repeat those same mistakes, while you learn how to tackle a new task or a goal. Crashing and burning may not turn out all that gloomy after all, once you’ve won a competition or two, after failing at a couple.
  • Remaining down-to-earth– While no-one likes to fail, doing so will help you remain aware of your abilities, as well as exactly where you are. You shouldn’t be afraid of reaching your potential, because there’s a lot you can do with it. However, you should never underestimate yourself either. In order to keep these two factors in balance, opting for a coach, to find out exactly where you are in terms of your potential is crucial. You can get a ton of advice by asking powerful coaching questions on various internet sites with regards to building strength and muscle.
  • Creating a fearless mindset – Making mistakes and ending up hurt, physically or mentally, builds up our mindset. The first thing you learn when experiencing failure is to disregard what others think about you and your workout sessions. The next thing you obtain is a mindset which isn’t scared of going out there and engaging in competitions, activities and new things. Without a doubt, you will not only become more aware of your limits, but also learn to feel out when those limits are expanding by moving forward.

A Proper Muscle Plan

There are 4 simple steps with regards to building a proper muscle structure:

  1. Come up with a workout focused on progressive overload
  2. Consume enough calories in order to support proper muscle growth
  3. Add a few supplements to your diet, but remember not to overdo it
  4. Consistency, consistency and consistency!

We hope that we’ve proven that mistakes and failure aren’t always bad – even if they are, there are benefits to be reaped from them. Keep this in mind – as long as you remain dedicated, fearless and play your workouts smart, the failures will keep turning into successes.


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