1. Discount dental plans

With discount dental plans you can get offers on every visit rather than paying yearly. This will save you a lot of money. With a discount dental plan you can get up to 60% off the total procedure. So imagine your procedure costs $500, you would only pay $200. All you need to do is go to the website, choose your type of plan and enter your zip code. This would make your dental implant shopping a hundred times easier and cheaper.

2. Dental implants overseas

In Mexico, you can get implants for as low as $600. You can also get cheaper dental care in European countries like Poland or Hungary. Even if you need a simple dental implant procedure, travelling is worth your time. It’s cheaper because of the exchange rate and the quality of care is often no different. Dental tourism is the way forward.

3. Dental insurance

There are a lot of benefits that come with a dental insurance plan. They vary depending on the type of plan you get but they typically cover preventative and basic dental care. You can easily find the right plan for you. They often offer big or small plans to cover your needs. They include regular check ups and cleanings which prevent serious issues from building up, making it a more costly procedure. Plans usually cover the costs of cleanings, fillings, x-rays and oral exams. They usually start at about $8-9 per month. An added extra is also that you get a wider choice of dentists.

4. Dental schools

Going to a dental school will be much cheaper than your ordinary practice. If you’re willing to accept treatment from a trainee dental graduate, then your cost will be lowered significantly. This is nothing to worry about though as there will always be a professional in the room with you. You may even be able to get treatment for free.

5. Fundraising

Crowdfunding may be one option to pay for your dental implant surgery. You can set up a crowdfunding profile that is honest but to the point. You need money for your health, which you do; dental health is related to overall health. You can then email this link to friends and family on social media. You can also ask for donations from local churches. Make sure to put the information in a way as not to offend if someone can’t or won’t offer you the money.

6. Organizations

There are some organizations that exist in order to give you more affordable dental implant surgery. One way is to join a network of clinical trials. This could be a good way of getting your dental implant surgery for free. If this doesn’t work, there are some other charitable organizations such as America’s Toothfairy, Toothwisdom.org, United Way and Dental Lifeline Network. These organizations may be able to offer you much cheaper dental care and surgery.

And lastly, if you don’t have to get dental implants then looking at tooth replacement options can be the more affordable alternative.