Not all of us are blessed with the talent or physique to be professional sporting stars, although that has never stopped anyone from participating. Millions of us take part in amateur sports every day, feeding our desire to compete and keep fit at the same time. Huge audiences also tune in to major sporting events whenever they are live on TV, while digital streaming has also changed the way we consume live sports. Simply put, we can’t get enough action when it comes to watching live sports. In Canada alone, viewership has been consistently rocketing over the last few years. Impressive figures showed that over one weekend in August 2020, just over 29 percent of the Canadian population was tuned in to live NBA and NHL coverage, which is almost 11 million people. Given such a profound level of interest, here are some ways to get the most out of watching live sports.

Soaking up the atmosphere at sports venues

Nothing can beat the experience of watching live sports in-person at a sporting venue, embracing the atmosphere and excitement surrounding professional competitions. As one fine example, the Rogers Centre is one of the biggest purpose-built sports venues in Canada, located in Downtown Toronto. Whenever the Blue Jays baseball team is playing, the atmosphere both inside and outside the stadium is a joy to behold. The huge and famous arenas can boast massive crowds, although smaller venues often have a unique charm that sets them apart, plus an entirely different kind of vibe whenever local teams are in action. Throughout the chilly winter months in Canada, many sporting competitions take the action to indoor venues, welcoming both participants and spectators alike. This can also be a good way to discover some alternative and lesser-known sports.

Peripheral sports activities

Just as you don’t need to be on the pitch or court to enjoy a sport, you don’t have to support a specific team or even attend an event in person. Competitive sports have existed for thousands of years and throughout that time, people have always enjoyed wagering on the outcomes. Back in Ancient Greece, spectators often gathered to bet on the victors of boxing and wrestling matches, before cheering for the competitor they had backed. These days we can do the same via online sportsbooks. The appeal of wagering remains the same, with sports fans getting an added sense of participation. Wagering responsibly, many sports fans will set themselves a budget for betting on games like hockey, which remains the most popular sport in Canada. Along with following all the latest live betting odds for the NHL, they will consider which teams have the best shot at winning the Stanley Cup this year. As of April 2021, the Toronto Maple Leafs are actually considered to be one of the leading contenders, tipped at +650 odds to lift the iconic trophy.

Keeping fit while you watch live sports

Facilities at gyms and fitness centres have consistently improved over the last few decades. Much more than just places we visit to keep ourselves in good shape, many now offer a wide array of associated activities and entertainment. Some even have big screens broadcasting live sports, allowing us to follow the action as we push weights or cover a few miles on a treadmill. Inspired by our favorite sporting heroes, working out as we watch is a great way to keep fit. Not everyone has the luxury of a gym or fitness centre nearby, yet there are still plenty of ways we can keep fit in the comfort of our own homes, as we tune in and watch live sporting events on TV or via mobile devices. Push the sofa aside for a while, do some stretches and sit-ups to keep the body active as you watch. Sometimes, it can even be better to get a little fresh air, going for a run as you listen to live radio commentary.

Inspiration for our own fitness activities

Whichever sports you enjoy watching, they can be a great way to inspire your own fitness regimes. We may not reach the peak levels of our favorite sporting stars, yet there are many ways we can still participate in our own ways, motivated by the action we follow.