Gorgeous, long, and thick eyelashes have been a sign of beauty and good health since ages. No wonder, eyelashes have long been associated with seductive feminine characteristics. Eyelashes frames your eyes, giving them a more defined look. So every woman desires for longer and thicker eyelashes.

Nowadays, many beauty treatments are available for faster growth of the eyelashes. In order to look glamorous, sometimes women adopt to artificial or fake make-up tricks and techniques. One of them being eyelash extensions to enhance the volume of your eyelashes.

But people fail to realize that these fake eyelash extensions can sometimes come with major downsides.

The downside of eyelash extensions

Fake eyelashes are made from synthetic hair. Let’s look at some of the reasons why we should not use them:

  • First of all, attaching fake eyelashes is a time-consuming process and requires to be done by salon professionals only.
  • This beauty treatment is costly and also requires maintenance.
  • Also most of the time, wearing a pair of fake eyelashes will make you feel very uncomfortable.
  • They are fit on your lashes temporarily, so eventually they will come out sooner or later.
  • Wearing extensions that are too long or too thick for your lashes can actually cause damage in the long run.

The role of Eyelashes

Eyelashes are typically the fine hairs that grow on both your upper and lower eyelids. They make your eyes look more appealing and intense. Other than beautification, eyelashes perform several functions.

  • Their main function is toprotect the eyes from outside particles like dust, sand or any other debris.
  • They also provide a danger warning, when an object maybe too close to the eye.
  • Whenever any particle hits the lashes, they trigger a super-fast blink reflex that protects your eyes from injury.
  • They are highly sensitive to touch, hence are regarded as the gate-keeper of the eyes.
  • Your eyelashes along with your eyebrows help to shield your eyes from the bright light of the sun.

So your eyelashes play a very important role in framing and protecting your eyes and hence it becomes essential to take good care of them.

Eyelash and Hair growth

Both the upper and lower eyelids have layers of eyelashes within a row. There can be three to five layers of eyelashes in the eyelid, which protect and outlines your eyes. They are attached to the eyelid by a root. They blink and close the eyes before an external threat can cause damages to the eyes.

The volume and length of eyelashes may differ, for instance eyelashes on the upper eyelid are longer than those of the lower eyelid. The upper eyelashes can reach up to a length of an average of 8mm., and tend to curve upwards. 

And like all the human hair, they are fed by follicles, located below the skin. In eyelashes, those follicles pass through three phases of growth:

  1. The Anagen Growth Phase – in this stage the eyelash is actively growing. At any point of time, approximately 30% of your eyelashes are in this active growing phase. This phase typically lasts about 45 days.
  2. The Catagen Growth Cycle –  is the stage also called the declination phase because during this time the growth of the eyelash stops and the follicle begins to shrink. This phase lasts typically for 3 weeks.
  3. The Telogen Growth Stage –  is the final stage where the eyelash falls out. Also known as the shredding phase.

After this last period, a new cycle begins and the hair is regenerated. You have eyelashes in every stage of growth during all times. Because of this continuous cycle of phases, you don’t lose all your eyelashes at any one time. When ever an eyelash is pulled out or drops out, it needs about two months to be regenerated.

Careprost for Long Lashes

Many woman opt for natural home remedies like using castor oil, olive oil and other home based products for getting longer and thicker lashes. However, this process is very slow and takes about 2-months to show desirable results.

Hence, nowadays many women have started showing preference towards Careprost. It is a eyelash growth serum. They come in form of eye drops. They are clinically tested and proven and thus quite safe to use. Also verified by many customers, this high-performance serum promises to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes within few weeks of regular usage.

As an advisory warning, though this product is considered safe for most users, it is best to consult your health care provider or doctor before using this serum.

Key Ingredient of Careprost

Careprost is a Bimatoprost opthalmic solution alternative of lumigan eye drops by safe generic pharmacy. This eye drop is used for the treatment of lower amount of eyelashes also known as hypotrichosis; it increases their length, thickness, and darkness. 

Uses of Careprost

It is basically used for controlling pressure of the eyes, and also gained popularity as a treatment to grow thickerlashes.

Careprost serum from safe generic pharmacy works wonders for your eyelashes, thus making them look fuller. This in turn makes your eyes look big and bright. And it’s superior results are testified by customers who have used it.

It is used for the treatment of increased fluid pressure inside the eye also called intraocular hypertension.

  • Also used in treatment of glaucoma condition, which may lead to loss of vision.
  • With regular application, your eyelashes will just keep getting thicker.
  • It makes your eyelashes denser and longer in just 4-6 weeks, maximum length is attained in 16 weeks.
  • Use this medicine exactly as prescribed, neither in larger or smaller amounts than advised/prescribed. Consult your doctor if you experience any undesirable side effects. 

The effect and uses of this medicine may differ from person to person.

Overall, we can say that Careprost is a cheaper and safer medicine to promote thicker and longer growth of your eyelashes. It has shown phenomenal results to customers who have used it, thus verifying the authenticity of the product.

Use careprost medicine and you are ready to show off your longer lashes!