We condone anyone wanting to grow plants and seeds in their own homes. It’s a beautiful feeling to live off the land. But perhaps you aren’t blessed with an enormous garden or a multi-acre allotment. That’s ok. We have you covered. Let’s talk you through how to successfully grow plants and seeds from your own home.

What you Need

Firstly, you’re going to need some well-draining soil, whether you’re growing from a garden that sees plenty of the sun, or some window space indoors that doesn’t receive so much. It would be ideal to have a large allotment with different spots and soils for different plants and seeds, but most of us don’t have this luxury. Instead, what you’ll need are a potting mix recipe and an all-purpose pot. This won’t provide optimal growth for individual seed but it’s as close as possible to doing so in refined, limited circumstances. You’ll also need lots of water, and remember to water regularly.

You’ll need most or at least some of the following to successfully grow plants at home:

• Water
• Well-draining Soil
• Window Sill that receives the sun
• Grow Lights or a Grow Tent
• Garden (if applicable)
• Potting Mix Recipes
• Pots, Boxes, and Containers

How to Grow

Ensure the pot you’re using is big enough. Check your plants often and ensure that you check them and attend to them. That said, be sure to water them lots but not overwater them! If you’re growing plants indoors: place them on window sills that receive the sun. If you don’t receive satisfactory amounts of sun, then buy grow lights. Be sure to maintain optimal lighting and temperature. This is different for each plant and other types of seeds so be sure to follow instructions to the letter. For growing plants outdoors: plant seeds beneath a tree if you have one. Turn over the soil, plant the seeds, water them and water them lots in the Summer months.

What Seeds to Use

Plants are subjective to what will suit your home and what you like the look or smell of. Start with the basics:

• Nigella
• Pansies
• Marigolds
• Sweet Peas

Avocados and Lemons are great examples of what can be grown in a garden. Most seeds can be used indoors, grown from a pot: Carrots (pot or box) and Tomatoes are great examples. Notable seed-growing instructions are to grow Salad Leaves in a planter box with holes and to grow Ginger in a container. Herbs are fantastic to grow indoors but note that Mint should be grown in a large pot.

The following are our best picks for seeds to grow indoors, particularly if you’re just starting:

• Salad Leaves
• Radishes
• Potatoes
• Peas
• Onions
• Tomatoes
• Avocados
• Carrots
• Lemon
• Ginger
• Spinach
• Mint
• Basil
• Cilantro