Crystals can provide spiritual protection to your life. The right crystal at the right moment can help improve your everyday life in more ways than one. But, these stones hold power to assist in improving your mood, warding negative energies, and enhancing your relationships with other individuals. So, here are five ways to help you incorporate different crystals into your everyday routine.

1. On-the-Go

Are you planning to go on a vacation soon? Perhaps, you’re going downtown to finish a few errands. If so, then, don’t forget to bring the right crystals for protection with you.

Carry crystals, like malachite and labradorite, to help make your trips easier to manage than before. Appropriate stones for on-the-go people can help users curb social anxiety or absorb other people’s negative energies.

As mentioned above, one crystal you should bring on your trips is malachite. Touted as the guardian stone for many travelers, this crystal helps you overcome the fears of travel. Perhaps, you may have a fear of flying, or you want to eliminate jet lag. Put malachite in your carry-on bag to help alleviate your travel woes.

Another crystal in mind for on-the-go folks is labradorite. This stone allows your body and spirit to synchronize, which can help reduce jet lag. Furthermore, this stone opens the universe to you to allow positive energies to surround you during your trip. Bring this stone with you if you’re hoping for a positive outcome from your voyage, such as shaking hands with a new business partner or meeting the love of your life.

2. Sleep

Waking up with a cranky mood is the byproduct of a restless night of tossing and turning in the bed. Sleep affects different aspects of everyday life. If you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, you’d feel irritable, less focused, and overwhelmed by the challenges brought by daily tasks.

The earth responded to the need for better sleep by giving humans healing stones that emit unique frequencies. Search for healing crystals that help put the mind into a state of relaxation. Calming the mind is vital for a good night’s sleep as those feelings of serenity will emanate to the body. Achieve this goal, and you can wake up like you just won a million dollars.

But, take note that you need to use specific gems to help you fall asleep at night. One gem to consider is amethyst.

Amethyst is an excellent sleep crystal since it boosts the serene frequency emanating from your mind and body. Put this stone under your pillow, and you might not help yourself but feel a complete sense of calm. This stone also keeps the mind clutter-free while you’re trying to head to dreamland.

Another crystal for sleep is lepidolite, which some communities call the “Peace Stone”. This gem helps bring you to a soothed and relaxed state. Like the amethyst, you can put lepidolite under your pillow to help you sleep. But, you can also bring this stone with you at work for those power naps at the office. Use the energies radiating from lepidolite to remove stress from the body, mind, and spirit, so you can get back to work with a brimming sense of productivity.

3. Yoga And Meditation

Yoga teaches you to coordinate your body, mind, and spirit to form harmony between these three elements. Meditation, on the other hand, trains you to be aware of the healthy energies in the environment, while channeling those energies to help you become a better person.

But, you may need extra help to achieve the goals of doing yoga and meditation. The assistance you seek can be in the form of a crystal.

Specific healing crystals in your routine present you with unique vibrations that activate and align your chakra when combined with meditation and particular yoga poses. For example, you may hold a piece of fluorite in your hand while you’re meditating.

Fluorite plays a vital role in helping you relax efficiently. Meditation is a powerful tool to help clear the mind. But, you might encounter struggles that block your natural ability to search and absorb positive energies in the surroundings. With fluorite in hand, this stone helps erase the negative energies that prevent your mind from concentrating during your meditative state. This gem also helps you remain focused when doing yoga poses.

Another crystal fit for yoga and meditation is rose quartz. This stone plays a specific role for yoga and meditation practitioners, but it’s useful in that regard. Rose quartz can help you concentrate if you find it challenging to focus because of recent emotional trauma.

Perhaps, you had a recent breakup from a long-term relationship, or a fight broke out between you and your office colleague. Nonetheless, you can clear your mind through yoga, meditation, and the right crystal in hand.

4. Home Life

Your home should radiate feelings of comfort and warmth for it to be considered as such. You might have a loving family to support you in your endeavors and a pet that greets you every time you come home from work. But, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for instances wherein those bonds sever.

Maintain those positive energies by placing different crystals around your house. Use different stones around your property to experience different beneficial effects.

For example, place black tourmaline in places where you think radiate negative energy. This stone can help absorb and protect bad energies from the surroundings.

Another stone to consider is selenite. This stone doesn’t absorb negative energy, just like black tourmaline. But, it absorbs and radiates positive energy to inspire light and vibrancy in a room. So, place selenite in your living room to deliver uplifting energies to the people in the area. If a household member is in a bad mood because of school or work, the vibrations brought by this gem can help in improving the mood of that person.

Also, if you need a spark of creativity while you’re in the house, you can ignite your creative juices with a carnelian. This stone gives you a “kick” of energizing opportunities to help your mind create something. For instance, you might want to cook a new dish for the family. Place a piece of carnelian in the kitchen to help spark your creative juices while looking at the ingredients. In a few minutes, you might find yourself writing a new recipe, and it’s because of the help of the vibrations from this stone.

5. Induce Productivity

Are you stuck looking at your office computer screen, hoping that the report will finish itself? Is your boss piling on the deadlines continuously? Are your college professors giving you projects with short deadlines?

Productivity is a treasure sought by many individuals. The pressures of everyday life can inhibit the mind from thinking about attempts at moving forward. Instead, daily stressors can convince you to stop doing tasks because it’s going to be a comfortable retreat.

But, many successful people don’t believe in lavishing in comfort to reach that position of greatness. Still, saying that you can become productive for success is easier as opposed to doing the different tasks to become successful.

If you find it challenging to tweak your body, mind, and spirit for productivity’s sake, consult the help of the right crystals in your routine. Use crystals, like citrine, Tiger’s Eye, and Amazonite, to help catapult your productive nature to new heights.

Citrine, also known by many as the “Stone of Success”, helps you find your real purpose in life. This gem opens specific chakras that release your creativity and imagination. It also helps unlock your dreams and make them a reality. Keep citrine nearby if you find it tough to search for a solution in solving a problem at school or work.

Conversely, Tiger’s Eye helps maintain the proper f low of energies in the area. Place this stone on your work desk to help you remain focused on the tasks at hand. Furthermore, Tiger’s Eye can assist you in making confident and actionable decisions, which makes it an excellent healing crystal for group projects.

As for amazonite, this Peruvian pebble can absorb electromagnetic fields, paving the way for effective communication among co-workers. This stone also aids in eliminating gender differences as it balances both the yin and yang or male and female energies in the environment.

Different stones can work on one or many chakras. Research and use the crystals that fit your specific needs in school or office. You can also enhance the positive effects of these gems in a productive environment by including other spiritual aspects, like feng shui. Work on finding a harmonious balance for the spiritual aspect of your workplace, and you might find yourself completing one task after another with efficiency.

Use Crystals In Your Everyday Routine

Crystals are versatile stones offering unique yet specific characteristics to their users. Use the appropriate crystals at home, school, or work to reap different benefits. The right gems can help bring advantages for travel, sleep, yoga, meditation, and productivity. Also, you can use crystals to make a house feel like a home. Protect yourself from the negative energies in the area by using crystals that are meant for everyday life.