Stress is a part of our lives we cannot stay away from. In fact, it can be a positive element, if we use it to solve problems and to achieve new goals. Anxiety is a different beast, which is best kept away from us, as much as we can. But both are extremely hurtful when their levels get too high. Here are a few ways to keep them under control.

Learn Breathing Techniques

It has been proven many times, through researches and studies: Breathing techniques are one of the most powerful ways to fight stress and anxiety. The reason is simple: When we find ourselves facing these two destabilizing factors, the first thing that changes within us is the way we breathe. We often don’t even realize it, but we either forget to breathe and do so only sporadically, or we begin to breathe faster. Both are highly disturbing factors for the rest of our body, especially our cardiovascular system. They create symptoms like vertigo, headaches, stomach aches and more.

But thankfully, we can control the way we breathe, as it is shown on There are techniques that we can learn, so that in moments of high stress or when we go through anxiety, we can recall them and feel immediately better, once we have started to breathe right again. This will be useful in everything you do, even when you train or when you have to make presentations at work or at school.

Stay Physically Active and Plan Ahead

There is nothing that invites stress and anxiety into our lives more than idleness. When you have time to think, you usually do so, and then it becomes difficult to stop your mind from going to these places you usually forbid it to go to. Once it finds the stressors in your life, it will dwell on them and the anxiety, if not controlled, can lead to panic in most extreme cases.

By staying active physically, your mind remains focus on the activity at hand and keeps stress and anxiety at bay. If you can manage to plan everything ahead (work, cleaning, gym sessions, hobbies, etc.), you’ll be more in control of your life, and that will also remove a lot of the stress, by eliminating the unknown (at least part of it).

Make sure that you add relaxation, stretching and/or meditation to your weekly routine. It is important to exercise the body, but the mind needs its own special time as well. It will help you find solutions more easily, if your mind is rested and at peace.