If you’re a bicycle owner, you probably know the hassle of trying to store it safely. It may seem necessary to keep your bike indoors if you live in multi-family housing like an apartment building. However, this often means that you have minimal space. It is probably possible to keep your bike safe outside to free up some space in your home. The most important question is how to keep it secure. If you’re looking for a shiny new ride, check out Sixthreezero bike reviews to get an idea of the safety accessories you’ll need for the one you choose.

5 Ways To Keep Your Bike From Being Stolen

1. Invest in a High-quality Lock

One of the most important steps you can take to keep your bike safe is to invest in at least one high-quality lock. No lock is 100% theft-proof, but some locks will secure your bike much better than others. You want to find a lock that cannot be cut with standard tools. It needs to be made of a heavier material such as double- or triple-heated hardened steel. U-locks (aka D-locks) are a popular option, as they provide superior security and are made of super-strong materials. A smart lock can add another layer of protection. These locks can carry enhanced security features such as keyless entry and GPS tracking.

2. Know the Proper Locking Techniques

Having the best lock in the world won’t make a difference if you don’t use it properly. Before you take your bike out, be sure you know the proper method for locking your lock so that it provides as much security as possible. 

3. Carry Accessories With You

People often take mountable accessories with them on their bikes. Unfortunately, unlike cars, these sometimes-expensive items are out in the open, making for easy targets. It can be a nuisance, but it’s best to remove all of your expensive accessories and carry them with you when you are leaving your bike unattended. 

4. Make Components Difficult To Steal

Some men’s and womens ebike options include valuable components such as specialized handlebars and seats. These components alone can be a target for thieves. Replace the standard bolts on these components with anti-theft bolts that require a specific key to loosen them.  

5. Be Mindful of the Location

Before parking your bike, it’s crucial to know if the location has a high crime rate. If it does, it’s probably better to park your bike somewhere else if possible.

Keeping Your Bike Out of Your House & Clutter-free

Most people have limited space indoors, especially for outdoor equipment like bikes. However, there are certain circumstances when it seems like the only option to keep your bike safe from the weather and thieves. Fortunately, there are several options if you have a little room outside your home, whether a patio, porch or balcony. There are options available, from individual weather-proof bike covers to secure fold-up tents for keeping multiple bikes out of sight and out of the elements. You can also find sturdier options like pre-fabricated storage sheds.

Whether looking for a bike for fun adventures, a great workout or an eco-friendly commute to work, check out the latest new electric bikes for sale. There are so many styles available, you’re sure to find the ideal bike for your lifestyle.