Many individuals go through very difficult lives, where they experience high amounts of trauma that can result in drug and alcohol misuse issues. Everyone’s experience is different – some people start taking drugs because they want to have fun and experiment, naïve to the very serious consequences this can have on them; On the other hand, for some people, it becomes a way to escape from reality.

No matter the motives behind the addiction and whether the issue is Class A drugs or alcohol, it can have serious impacts on your health and your overall life. It is important to recognize that you may have a problem and seek support. Rehabs are designed to support people suffering from addictions and if you have a problem this may be the support you need. In this article, we will advise you on how to know it is time to visit rehab.

Your Cannot Function When You’re Clean

Drug and alcohol misuse has severe impacts on your health, the longer you use the worse the effects you will experience. When you have an addiction, it may become very difficult for you to effectively function without using your drug of choice and it is important that you recognize this right away. This means that you may not be able to even get out of bed without using it. When you start experiencing this, every other aspect of your life will be affected.

You Lie About Your Addiction

One of the main signs to recognize that you have a problem is when you start lying to your loved ones about your addiction. If they ask you and your life or if you only use it when you are away from them, this is a sign that you know your behavior is not good and you have a problem. If this is your case, it is time to think about asking for help. The folks at suggest looking for a rehab center in your local area so that you can get expert support with your addiction. Seeking support from professionals can make the difference between a healthy life and a continuously detrimental lifestyle.

Your Relationships are Being Affected

As mentioned above, you may be trying to hide your addiction from your family and friends. Perhaps because you know that this would hurt them or because you are scared they will judge you and tell you they do not want you in their life anymore or they will stop their own lives so that they can help you recover. Truth be told, it is very likely that they already know about your situation, considering that drugs and alcohol can even change your physical appearance, and also come with other tell-signs such as financial difficulties, debt or association with other drug users or even drug dealers. This may cause serious strain in your relationships, and many people end up losing their support network as a result.

Your Work-Life is Suffering

As we previously discussed, you may have to use it in order to get out of bed. If you are still trying to hold a job, this may be highly affected if all you can think about is the next time you will be taking the drug. No job would ever allow you to continue whilst you are struggling with this issue, and it may cause you to become unemployed. This will put added stress on you, and make quitting much more difficult. If you are experiencing this issue, perhaps it is time for you to visit a rehabilitation center.

Your Health is at Risk

Taking drugs is extremely dangerous – it can have severe effects on your physical health as well as on your mental wellbeing. This is particularly true with alcohol, as you must not stop drinking suddenly as this could be fatal. 

There are other risks associated with drug use such as overdose, the best thing to do is to quit with the support of professionals.

Drugs are highly associated with criminality. Many drug users end up losing their support network and their jobs, and drugs are expensive. When all you think about is the addiction, you will start doing anything to get your hands on it. For many individuals, this means theft, burglary, and even prostitution as a way to make money.

You Have Not Been Able to Quit on Your Own

Overcoming your addiction can be extremely difficult, considering that your body craves this and it will make you feel like you need the drugs in order to feel good about life and about yourself. You may have tried to quit on your own, but this is not recommended as you can put yourself at risk, and doing it alone, without professional support will make things much worse for you, and put yourself in a much more vulnerable position. 

Quitting drug use is a long process and one that may require support from a lot of professionals. Read the tips above and if any of it feels familiar, you know it’s time to visit rehab.