The fitness industry is developing many more exercise trends to help you get in shape and gain muscle. It also increases the demand for a personal trainer journeying towards your success for fitness. Fitness coaching is accessible in and out of the gym with the help of popular trainers across Australia.

Here we introduce two routines with different purposes – the bulking and cutting fitness method. Each process is created to leave your body more toned and in shape after a few sessions.

What Makes People Enter A Fitness Journey?

People desire a better body figure for reasons. The first is to boost confidence in today’s society of body shaming. It makes them feel good from inside and out. Second, being fit makes someone healthier both mind and body. It is not an easy journey and yet many have been spending for it maybe because of the influencers in the fitness industry.

The Difference Between Bulking And Cutting

Not all people desire the same body figure. Some will prefer losing fat and others to gain muscles, which are both good for the overall health. The choice is all up to you whether cutting fat for weight loss or bulking to boost your muscle.

Bulking Method

Bulking is all about building muscles or achieving a nice booty. It will be possible when an individual eats more calories to add up energy in performing daily activities. The recommended amount of consumption is “surplus”, meaning not at baseline, for a faster result.

Eating surplus can benefit women with low body fat percentage. It requires a schedule to prevent gaining weight along the process. For instance, during the first week, 20% of surplus eating is allowed and will be alternated on the second week.

Some of the struggles you’ll possibly encounter are bloating, inflammation, and normal stress.

Cutting Method

On the other hand, cutting is simply losing fat and the total opposite of the bulking method. It demands eating fewer calories about 2,000 each day to burn fat faster. Men can ingest a higher calorie count of 2,500 per day. These amounts will depend on age, body absorption, and activity level.

Some clients are suffering from an aggressive deficit and a diet break is essential before eating at baseline calories again. A personal trainer must know the limitations of every client to avoid leading them astray.

Who can help you?

Adapting to a new fitness habit that suits your lifestyle is never easy. It takes focus and determination to pursue a healthier routine, but with the help of personal trainers, things would be easier.

Bulking and cutting method is a new trend in the fitness industry to gain muscle. Asking for help is necessary to finish the process victoriously and see the best outcome.

Here are factors you should consider in picking the right coach for your fitness needs:


First of all, a training coach must be licensed to do the job. There are certifications trainers should have to be a fitness instructor, with other specialties. This will also ensure that you are on the right track in reaching your fitness goals.


Working out in a friendly environment can boost your confidence and help you through it all. Many fitness enthusiasts form friendships during the training sessions which aids the difficulty of the journey. Fun should never be eliminated in every fitness journey to lift the burden.

Holistic Approach

Your overall health must be the focus, not only the body figure. When your mind is healthy, so is your body. A personal trainer can provide ways for both men and women to attain a healthier habit. Its goal is to improve everyone’s well being until the sessions are finished.

Personal coaching can prepare workout routines and meal plans that suit each client’s needs. You can feel confident with the plan made just for you, with a personal trainer guiding you alongside.


Training sessions are now accessible on your screens, with just one click away. Or, for individuals who still prefer face-to-face workout sessions, they are still available.

Online coaching is desirable for busy people not having enough time to meet a fitness trainer. It will last for several weeks of scheduled workout and meal plans. Your personal trainer will discuss your progress virtually and can give follow-ups to see better results. They still allow trainees to go to the gym anytime, especially when equipment is needed.


Choosing the right personal trainer will take you to the proper track of fitness. Seeing results is not promised right away as getting fit takes effort and time. However, working with a licensed trainer will provide faster results, either with bulking or cutting methods. They can show a timeline of when you will possibly see results.

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