Most college students live a reckless life, with poor eating habits. It is difficult to maintain a healthy life in an environment where parties are thrown every day. College students do not about eating healthy foods or exercise. Most students depend on fast foods and do not have time to exercise due to busy schedules. However, attaining a healthy lifestyle for a college student is easier than you may imagine. If you make up your mind to live healthily, you will be surprised how much time you have on your hands.  By planning your day and organizing your activities, you can live a healthy life in college and perform better in your classes. Yes, there is a direct relationship between your performance in class and your lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for college students.

Create  A  Schedule and Stick To It

Some of the unhealthy behaviors that students get entangled in include lack of sleep, taking long hours on studies,  spending too much time at fun clubs, lack of exercise among others. The main reason students fail to balance all the aspects of life is poor planning. As soon as you report to college for your semester, get all your activities organized on a calendar. Plan your daily activities and stick to the schedule. Make sure you are disciplined enough to observe the activities set for a healthy lifestyle.

Budget For Home Cooking

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Most students eat unhealthy foods from restaurants because they are unable to cook. Eating home-cooked meals will give you more control over your diet. Instead of spending too much money on unhealthy fast foods, spend less and cook healthy meals at home. You can also check to cooking healthy on a budget. According to a Publication in Forbes Magazine, cooking at home helps you save up to 50% of your food costs. Make sure you purchase all the necessary cooking equipment you may need at the start of the semester. Also, shop for fresh foods in bulk to lower the cost. Make a food timetable for yourself and stick to it.  Fast foods are very unhealthy since they are usually high in bad cholesterol and sugars.

Take A Break From School Work

This may sound weird but it is one of the best ways to stay healthy in college. If you realize that you have too much work or you are unable to sleep and rest, you should take a break to relax your body. If your class work is overwhelming, it is advisable to get help from other students or professional tutors. There are many websites online that offer academic solutions for students at all levels of education. You can get help at from such experts while you relax your mind and focus on your well being.

Shift To Healthy Snacks

The life of a college student involves a lot of eating. Students tend to eat at all times, including lecture time. Although snacks are good since they help you re-energize during long lectures, they may also be detrimental to your health. Eating high sugar snacks such as cupcakes and candy may lead to excess weight gain in a short time. Eating too many sugary snacks exposes you to the risk of diabetes. According to Harvard Health Publication, eating healthy snacks such as apples and bananas can help with blood sugar control, reduce the risk of diabetes, and enhance lifespan.

Get Involved In Fun Sports

Exercise is an important part of life if you want to be among the happy college students. You must get involved in cardiovascular exercises every day for better metabolism and enhanced heart health. However, most students are too lazy to wake up early in the morning for a gym session. If you are unable to maintain a routine workout schedule, get involved in fun sports. There are many fun sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer among others. Play such games with friends for fun during your free time.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water is the most basic and natural way of living healthy. Water helps keep the body dehydrated and flash out toxins. If you take plenty of water you lower the risks of infection.


Living a healthy lifestyle as a student is not easy. You must maintain high standards of discipline to be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Choose a lifestyle that incorporates healthy eating, exercise, and drinking water. You should also ensure that you get sufficient sleep and time to rest. Avoid overworking yourself even if you have too much school work. Ask for help from professional custom writers and use your free time to do something healthy. You can use your free time to play some physical games with friends, go on a  gateway vacation or shop for healthy foods.

Bio For Jeff Blaylock:

Jeffy Blaylock is a health and fitness expert with years of experience in the field. Jeff works with busy professionals and students, helping them find a healthy balance to life and profession.  Jeff has written several books in line with healthy living eating, exercise and the importance of rest.