So, you’ve decided to buy a CBD oil tincture, but you’re unsure of how to choose the right one. After all, CBD isn’t something you want to sacrifice quality on, and you certainly want to get your money’s worth. Let’s be honest; you’re not going to find top-notch CBD oils in the grocery or retail store aisles, or at the local gas station.

If you’re looking for the top CBD oil, you’ll need to consider a few things before buying. Make sure you perform adequate research before committing to a brand so you can be certain you’re getting the best value for your money as well as the highest-quality possible.

Here’s our guide to choosing high-quality CBD oils. We’ll cover everything from the quality of the hemp to the transparency of the brand. This guide is perfect for both experienced CBD users and newcomers alike.

Hemp Quality

Hemp is an amazing plant. With hundreds of uses, it’s also the strongest known plant fiber on the planet. It can be turned into everything from clothing to biofuel and even paper! Hemp is a strain of Cannabis, which is why it’s often confused with its cousin, marijuana. Both strains are born of the same plant but contain vastly different levels of certain chemicals like CBD and THC.

That being said, the quality of the hemp your CBD is extracted from is arguably the most important component of the entire process. Hemp is known as a “bio-accumulator” or “hyperaccumulator”, which means that it absorbs whatever is in the soil around it.

Yes, that means chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals, and more. Hemp is great for cleaning soil, but you don’t want those chemicals or pollutants to end up in your CBD oil.

Organic hemp that’s grown in the US is some of the best in the world. Grown in rich soil under restrictions to earn the “organic” label, this type of hemp yields the highest-quality crop. Imported hemp may or may not follow similar guidelines, and thus, you risk being exposed to whatever was in the hemp’s home soil.

Choose USA-grown organic hemp for the best CBD oil tincture!

Extraction Process

Alright, so you’ve found a brand that uses only organically-grown, domestic hemp. Now let’s take a look at their extraction process. CBD can be extracted from hemp in a variety of ways, but overall, the best yield and highest potency comes from the C02 extraction process (that’s carbon dioxide for those who don’t want to remember chemistry class).

C02 acts as a solvent to extract the CBD oil from hemp. It’s safe, effective, and more “green” than other methods (besides producing the best yield).

At standard temperatures, C02 is a gas. In fact, it’s what you breathe out every time you exhale. In order to turn C02 into a chemical solvent, it’s heated to supercritical temperatures.

Supercritical acts as an excellent solvent for extracting CBD, and yields very high outputs and potency. The bottom line? If you want the best CBD you can get, choose a company that uses the C02 extraction method.

Lab Testing

Any company can claim to have the “best CBD oil,” but if there’s no third-party testing to back up the claim, it’s probably just clever marketing. CBD brands all over the country are turning to third-party lab testing to provide unbiased information on their products’ potency and quality, and this is something you definitely want out of a CBD brand.

Lab testing proves that the CBD is potent and extracted from high-quality hemp, and that the price you’re paying for your CBD oil tincture is justifiable.


A brand that’s transparent with both its processes and ingredients is a brand you can trust. Think of it as a declaration of their commitment to quality and consistency. If a brand is hiding how they make their products, what goes into them, and how they price them, there’s probably a reason; and it’s likely not a good one.

Good CBD brands usually have plenty of information available on their websites about processes, ingredients, and their values. A brand’s values can tell you a lot about how they care for customers and create good products.


Cost isn’t the most important factor in choosing a CBD oil brand, but it is an indicator of the quality of the CBD in certain cases. When you buy cheap CBD, you’re getting just that; a cheap product.

Gas station, grocery store, and retail store CBD all have one thing in common: they’re cheaper than the top brands available online, and for good reason.

High-quality hemp and extraction processes are costly. There’s no way around it. But, in order to get the best quality CBD oil, costly processes are required. Your typical grocery store brand most likely doesn’t go through all of the processes required to yield a potent and high-quality oil.

That being said, you’ll want to compare prices across similar brands as well. Sometimes, two brands can be nearly identical, but one charges more simply for their name.


Last but not least, you’ll want to check customer and critic reviews of the CBD oil/brand you’re looking into. No one knows better than the customer how well a product servers their needs. You can usually find informative reviews either on the brand’s website or social media pages.

Read reviews thoroughly and look for any patterns, both good and bad. If reviews constantly mention that the oil doesn’t seem to work, there’s probably something to it. Likewise, if they mention how effective and potent the oil is, there’s a good chance you’re getting a good product.

Final Thoughts

When you’re buying CBD oil tincture, nothing less than the highest-quality oils should even catch your eye. When you buy sub-par products, you’re going to have a bad experience, if there are any effects at all. The higher the potency and quality of your oil, the more of a difference you’re going to notice while using it.