Sandwiches are often labelled an unhealthy lunch choice. And it’s not too far of a stretch because they are characterized by the use of glutinous bread and salty meat or sweet jelly fillings. However, there’s no reason why a sandwich can’t be healthy. All it takes is a few swaps for healthy alternatives, and you can prepare a healthy sandwich in no time.

1.  Pick A Healthy Bread

Firstly, your choice of bread definitely decides whether your sandwich is headed in a healthy or unhealthy direction. Bread as a whole isn’t the healthiest food if eaten a lot, as many of the loaves we see in grocery stores contain refined wheat which is much lower in fibre and nutrients. In particular, try ditching white bread, as it is the most unhealthy of all breads. Instead of white bread, try these bread alternatives out for a tasty and healthy sandwich.

Healthy Alternatives to White Bread:

  • Sprouted Wheat Bread or Sourdough: If you’re not ready to part with bread in your sandwiches, these two options are much healthier versions of standard white bread to use in your sandwiches. Both contain a lot more nutrients that white bread.
  • Lettuce: Lettuce makes a fantastic alternative to bread in a sandwich or wrap, and adds a great crunch and burst of freshness to your sandwich.
  • Bell Pepper: Another veggie bread alternative, bell peppers make an awesome sandwich, especially because their shape allows you to create a deep filled sandwich minus the carbs.

2.  Choose Your Filling Wisely

A sandwich’s filling is easily the most important component of this lunch staple, and presents more than one opportunity to make your sandwich a healthy one. Indulgent favorites for sandwich fillings include jelly all the way to meats and other processed sandwich fillings, but these are often high in sugar, saturated fats and salt. To keep your sandwich healthy, your choice of filling can make all the difference.

We know how difficult it can be to skip out on your favorite fillings, so here are a few alternatives to fan favorite sandwich fillings:

  • Instead of a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, swap out the jelly for fresh fruit such as banana, like in this healthy peanut butter sandwich.
  • Rather than opting for salt-heavy red meat cuts like salami or beef, stick to something leaner like turkey breast slices.

3.  Go Heavy On Salad

For savory sandwiches, a great way to make sure your lunch is healthy is by adding salad into your sandwich. Superfood salad items include spinach, kale, avocado and radishes that can easily be incorporated into any sandwich.

4.  Skip Mayo Or Butter And Opt For A Healthier Alternative

Many sandwiches’ downfall lies in the sauces and spreads used in them. Things like butter and mayonnaise contain high levels of saturated fats and salts that can take your sandwich from a healthy lunch to indulgent meal. Rather than butter, try using pesto, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or a low fat cream cheese to prepare your bread side. And for a tasty sauce to liven up your sandwich, opt for hummus, yoghurt or chilli sauce to replace mayonnaise.

And there you have it – a healthy sandwich in 4 easy steps.