From working long office to rigorous workouts, shoulder pain somehow finds a way to creep into our lives and make our lives uncomfortable.

If you are someone who goes through mild to moderate shoulder pain every once in a while, then read up on these preventive hacks, and healing methods can ease your pain when in distress! Let’s get right into it.

Ice pack

One way to find instant relief is to ice your shoulder.  Using ice helps to constrict blood vessels that lead to the lower pain reception. Just place an icepack on the pain area. Use a cloth and avoid direct skin contact with the ice. If you have an injury, get it checked by a doctor and ask him if using an icepack would reduce the pain. Ice helps reduce swelling and inflammation.

Improve your posture

Wrong posture is one of the leading causes of shoulder pain. It can also lead to having chronic shoulder pain. Always be conscious of the way you sit and sleep. Also, keep the right posture while working out. Sit up straight, use such chairs that support your posture right, and don’t make you slouch. Even your sleep, be sure to use the right mattress that is good for your back and shoulders.

Change your mattress

If you have an old mattress, there is a possibility that you might need to change it. Mattresses age 7 to 10 years and become old. Even though you might be feeling comfortable in them, they might be causing a lot of aches without you evening realizing.


A good, regular stretch can always ease the pain. Make sure to add stretching into your routine. It is imperative if you stay a lot indoors and don’t get a lot of exercise. Stretching keeps your muscles active, and let’s just agree to the fact that it’s so relaxing!

Stress management

Shoulder pain not only be caused by stress but can also increase with it. So, meditate and do yoga to release tension. Punch a few bean bags if you like, but try to stress as little as possible. Yoga, meditation, and exercise will remove any tightness and uneasiness from your shoulders.

Get a massage

Whether it’s a professional or a family member, you can always ask for a good massage. A nice massage will get the blood flow going and release the tension from your shoulders. You can even visit a chiropractor who is trained and will understand your pain and massage it accordingly, making you feel a whole lot better.


An increase in weight gain can also be a cause of shoulder pain. Try to manage your weight, eat healthily, and exercise well. Once you start treating your body with healthy snacks and food, it’ll return the favor by being more lighter and full of energy. A healthy diet low in trans fats and sodium can help you prevent and heal any pain.