During pregnancy and nursing, you experience some hormonal changes and your body is usually under stress. This can cause significant changes in your body’s appearance and it can lower your confidence and affect how you feel about yourself. Fortunately, there is a way to correct this and boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. John David Mullins, MD PC, is a highly experienced plastic and aesthetic surgeon and offers mommy makeover in Atlanta to help women regain their figure and beauty after pregnancy and nursing.

What Mommy Makeover is All About

This is a combination of several plastic surgery procedures that are designed to restore your pre-pregnancy body. The procedures are aimed at replenishing the volume of your curves to meet your aesthetic goals, remove excess tissue, and tighten your loose skin. The procedures are recommended according to your needs and may vary from one person to the other. However, for any procedure, Dr. Mullins has the surgical skills and artistry to tailor cutting-edge procedures to give you the most beautiful and natural-looking results.

Why You Might Need a Mommy Makeover

All mommy makeover procedures are customized to address specific concerns that arose after pregnancy and nursing. Therefore, you may need the following procedures as designed to address the specific concerns you might have.

·       Vaginal Rejuvenation

·       Body Contouring

·       Buttock augmentation

·       Buttock lift

·       Tummy tuck

·       Breast reduction

·       Breast lift

·       Breast augmentation

If you are concerned about the changes that your body has experienced, you can set up an initial consultation with dr. Mullis where you will discuss all the body enhancement goals you might have in detail. This is to help Dr. Mullis recommend the most effective procedure(s) that best suits you. It also helps in determining the type of implants or surgical techniques that are more suitable to help you achieve your goals.

Mommy Makeover Procedure

For whichever procedure Dr. Mullis recommends to address your needs, they are performed under general anesthesia. This improves your comfort during the procedure and prevents distraction during the procedures. Incisions are then positioned carefully based on the treatment area and your body shape. Where implants are used, they are then placed on the treatment area, the skin is straightened, and the incisions closed. Where it involves eliminating the excess skin or tissue, Dr. Mullins carefully removes the excess tissue or skin, straightens the skin, and closes the incisions.

The recovery time depends on the nature of the procedure. Some procedures allow you to go home the same day after a few minutes of recovery and monitoring, while you may need to spend some time probably overnight in recovery before going home for more complicated procedures. However, Dr. Mullins gives you all the information you need about specific procedures during your initial appointment.

What You Can Expect After Mommy Makeover

After any mommy makeover procedure, you may experience some bruising, discomfort, or swelling. However, this should fade away with no time and if any of these persists, you can be sure to go for a follow-up checkup. After you go home, you may take several weeks to fully recover depending on the exact procedure performed.

Depending on the treatment area, some procedures may require you to wear bandages, drainage tubes, gauze, or compression garments.

Dr. Mullins provides you with all you need to recover quickly including antibiotics, pain medications, and detailed instructions for your home care.

Mommy makeover is a procedure that only takes a little time but gives you impressive results. Therefore, it is an ideal option for you if you want to regain your figure after pregnancy and nursing.