Getting to the gym to work out is not as easy as it sounds – it requires you to get ready at one particular time and buckle up, you have to drive to the gym which maybe 20 minutes away, you have to tweak your diet plans to keep in line with the workout and you might have to endure the “regulars” with great bodies looking down to you.

But you needn’t worry! Getting a gym membership for having a good body is not a necessity. You can get that at home as well by following these tips.

Do Full Body Exercises

While several muscles require specific exercises to pump, here are some of the most effective all-body home workouts that can get the overall blood pumping and make you lean and strong.

Pushups: Different variations of pushups can work for different parts of the body. Star-type pushups will function the triceps while general chest width ones work the chest and the shoulders. Wide grip pushups build up your back while the handstand pushup dominates the shoulder.

Lunges: If you are a Friends season fan, you might remember lunges form that memorable Joey’s scene. This exercise is great for your glutes, thigs and posterior muscles.

Pull-ups: It’s difficult for many people because you have to pull up your entire body weight. Start with as low as 2 and up the number gradually. This workout works your back, shoulder, and forearms depending on the spacing between the hands.

Planks and leg raise: These are stomach exercises and will burn fat for those who are obese and build abs for those who are lean. Pretty multi-functional, right?

Have a Treadmill At Home

A treadmill does a lot more than just boosting your cardiovascular health. It tones up the muscles present in the stomach, legs, and buttocks and will surely get you in shape if you are regular.

Not only does it increases the blood circulation to different tissues of the body but triggers the muscles as well. So if you are fat, you will burn calories while running on the treadmill, if you have low stamina, it will bost it and if your body is weak, it will construct muscles.

There are several brilliant models of home treadmills available in the market which are incorporated with superior functions like increased speeds and inclines, fat-burn modes and blood-pressure-control modes which will benefit your body greatly.

Convert Your Daily Tasks To Exercises

It’s a fun way of shaping up especially if you are a house, women. What are your daily chores? Cooking, cleaning and running errands, right? Take these chores up a notch and integrate specific exercises in them.

For example, you can easily do lunges or squats while the chicken is being fried in the fryer, you can do push-ups while clothes are whirling in the washing machine and you can lift weight or do burpees in breaks while cleaning the floor.

It’s as simple as that. Make your chores productive and get in shape. Hope this little help would benefit you in great ways.