Travelling is an amazing experience, but whether you are checking out a new place for a week or two or embarking on a longer adventure you don’t have to forget about your health or fitness. With a little commitment and planning ahead you can actually stay healthy and have fun on your holiday! In fact staying healthy while holidaying can actually not only make the holiday more enjoyable, but it means that you don’t have to lose those “holiday pounds” when you get home.

So what are some of the ways that you can stay fit and healthy while travelling?

  1. Drink water

It can be really easy to forget to drink enough water while travelling but simply adding more water to your day can have many benefits. So carry a drink bottle with you at all times. Some of the benefits are:

  • It helps to make you feel full and so people who drink more water generally consume less calories throughout the day. Also your body doesn’t know the difference between being hungry and thirsty, so next time you feel like a snack try some water first and see if that actually makes you feel less hungry. You could’ve just been dehydrated.
  • In several studies drinking a glass of water before each meal leads to participants feeling more full and eating less calories and losing more weight than those that skipped the water.
  • Water can actually aid digestion and help speed up your metabolism. Studies have shown that even being 1% dehydrated can cause a significant drop in your metabolism. So skip empty calories in sodas and just add more water.
  1. Choose Your Meal

Plan a little ahead and choose your meal. So if your really excited about a big buffet breakfast then go for it, but then take it easy for lunch and dinner and keep them a little smaller and go for a veggie stir-fry or salad so you can even out your day. Or have a dinner out where you want to try some new foods with a couple of cocktails. Go for it but have a small breakfast and lunch, maybe a fruit salad or smoothie. Choose your meal that you want to really enjoy and keep the other two light.

  1. Bring Your Own Snacks

Pack your own snacks especially for flights where I really think this one also helps with reducing jetlag symptoms.

Sometimes this isn’t possible but where you can load up a throw away container with some nuts or trail mix, fruit and veggies (if you can), a homemade energy bar or even just bringing some of your favorite protein powder that can be then added to water on the plane or in a new place can make a quick healthy snack to tie you over.

Next time you’re in a hotel, take the soda and alcohol out of the mini bar fridge and get some fruit or yogurt or other healthy snacks you can keep in your hotel room. Another thing I have done is use the coffee maker in a hotel room to make instant oatmeal before I head out for the day rather that going for the waffles and pastries at the hotel breakfast.

Also adding in some fun activities that are actually also a great workout, like walking along the beach, or skiing can really help you prevent the holidays and get home feeling not only rested and restored from your holiday but also fit and healthy!!


By : Karen Wojciechowski

A keen runner, mountain biker, snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast, Karen started to share what she has learnt about creating healthy energy food on the go 🙂 Passionate about health and fitness, if she is not enjoying being outdoors she is happiest in her kitchen making delicious but healthy homemade sports supplements. With a bachelor’s degree in science and currently training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition she loves researching the best ingredients for awesome recipes to get you performing at your optimal level. Find out more at