Orthopedic surgeries or injuries are medical conditions that require a lot of recovery time. The process can be painful and challenging. Furthermore, some patients lose their fitness due to being immobile for an extended period of time, which can be frustrating. However, there are several ways on how you can maintain your physical fitness despite having orthopedic surgery or injury. Here are some of them:

Move Around

Recovering from an orthopedic injury or surgery can be painful. However, staying on the couch will not benefit you at all. Doing nothing will only make the healing process last longer. It could also result in you gaining unwanted body weight. 

This is why, during recovery, you should move around. Your doctor will give you crutches if your injuries are in your lower extremities, so you can still be mobile. Walk around the house little by little. If your injury is in hands, then moving around is not that difficult. This will help the other parts of your body to be functional so that you also do not lose muscle mass. 

However, if your injuries involve your spine or other delicate areas, it is best to ask doctors first of what kind of movements are best for you.Furthermore, moving around will benefit your mental health as well. Most patients who experience orthopedic injuries and surgeries feel frustrated with their mobility, which sometimes results in depression. This is evident, especially with people who are used to having an active lifestyle. 

Listen to Your Doctors

“In any type of injury or surgery, listening to your doctor’s advice post-operation is highly essential. If they tell you that you need to stay in bed or move around, it is best to follow their orders. Also, take the prescribed medication that they have given you. Aside from that, it is also best that if you have questions about your conditions, ask your doctors. They will be more than happy to assist you with your inquiries,says Dr.Scott A H ,an orthopedic surgeon at Doctorspring. The same goes if you are planning to get back to how active you were in the past. That would require a go signal from your doctor. 

Some doctors will also require patients to seek the help of a physical therapist. It would be best if you considered visiting one because they will help a lot in making sure that your injuries heal properly. This is especially more important if you are an athlete so that you will have the same level of mobility before the injury. 

Eat Nutritious Food

In keeping a fit lifestyle, eating healthy is an essential factor. This is even more important when you are recovering from orthopedic surgery or injuries. 

In 2015, a study by New Zealand Sports Medicine showed that increasing the intake of whole food will boost the body’s healing due to sports-related orthopedic injuries. They also suggested that foods that contain Omega-3. Vitamins A and C, and zinc be prioritized in a diet. 

Despite the diminished mobility, if your body has the proper nutrition, it will continue to stay fit. However, aside from prioritizing healthy food, it is also essential that you control the portion of your meal. It can be effortless to binge eat when you are not doing anything, so it is best to avoid that. 

Aside from that, you must get high-quality protein during recovery. Its amino acid will boost your immune system for quicker. Also, increasing your intake of calcium is a must. It is known to help repair bone damage and make it stronger. 

One way to get proper nutrition during recovery is by having a Professional dietician. They will conduct a laboratory test to see which food is the most appropriate for your needs. 

Do Low Impact Exercise

Another way to stay fit during recovery is to do low impact exercise. For example, if your injury is in your knees, you can still do upper body exercises. This is as long as you are not putting any pressure on your injuries. 

Aside from that, you can also modify the exercise so that they do not affect the part of your body that is injured. Doing this will help your body feel healthy and stay in shape. You can do this easier if you have a fitness coach with you. They can make an exercise plan to accommodate your needs and still get the results that you are looking for.

Have a Proper Sleep and Rest

When you are recovering from an injury or surgery, having proper sleep and rest is essential to stay healthy and to heal quicker. Sleeping helps reduce inflammation, which you are more likely going to have after an injury or surgery. It also helps keep your mental health fit by managing the level of hormones your body produces. 

One the other hand, rest is essential as sleep. However, it should be a good quality of the rest. You should avoid doing any stress-inducing activity and, as much as possible, stay positive.

Final Thoughts

The number one secret to staying healthy while recovering from orthopedic surgery or injury is to balance exercise, nutrition, and rest. There is no absolute advice for everyone because every patient has a different capacity and body type. However, what you could do is consult your doctors about what is good for you, and you could also listen to your body.