Reading the instruction sheet and information leaflet is necessary before starting the inhaler. Learn everything about the properties of the inhaler and clear all your doubts by reaching out to the doctor. The capsules known as the Spiriva capsule that comes with these inhalers are not for swallowing—inhaling the medication through the mouth by following the doctor’s direction once a day is a general rule. However, doctors may ask you to inhale the capsule two times every day, depending on your medical history. Try to keep the drug away from your eyes because it might lead to eye irritation or pain, temporary vision blurring, and other eyesight changes.

Understanding the dosage

Regular use of the medication is necessary for deriving the benefits. There must be evenly spaced intervals between two dosages if you want the medication to work best. Never increase the dosage without your doctor’s permission, or use the medication frequently without the surveillance of your physician. In both these conditions, consulting the doctor is necessary.

Various inhalers are available in the market, some for regular use and some for worst conditions. Both the options are available at online stores. They are easy to get at discounted rates. More so, online stores also give Spiriva coupon for the convenience of the customers. When your breathing suddenly worsens, you might require this for quick release. Ask the doctor which option you must opt for at times of worsening cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, and trouble breathing. While using quick-relief inhalers, you have to be cautious of the dosage. Learn when you must use these inhalers and how much dosage is necessary. Ensure that your doctor understands your symptoms and, based on that, prescribes you the dosage.

Drug interaction

Drug interaction may alter how the medication works or increase the risk of severe side effects. Drug interactions are necessary, and every patient must understand this in detail for proper treatment. You have to share the information with your pharmacist and doctor when necessary. Do not stop, start, or change the dosage without your doctor’s approval.

How to handle overdose?

Overdosing may happen sometimes, and in such circumstances, you must be considerate of your symptoms. You may have trouble breathing or some kind of discomfort. In such a circumstance, reach out to your doctor as fast as possible. Along with this, you can make a note of the symptoms and share it with your physician. In case of a missed dose, could you take it as soon as you remember. However, you can skip the missed dose if you are nearing your second dose.

Proper storage of the capsule is necessary. It must be kept at room temperature, away from moisture and light. Keep the tablet away from children; never store the capsule inside the inhaler device. Discard capsules that have opened blister packages. Generally, the medication is effective in helping you breathe well. Proper use of the medicine with the inhaler device is necessary to lead a healthy and happy life.