Everyone knows that yogurt is a delicious ingredient that you can use to start your day healthily. In fact, yogurt made its mark on breakfast, and for a good reason. You can mix it with cereal, drink on the side with your favorite sandwich, or if you are more into Mediterranean cuisine, you can eat it with some bread with olives and a pinch of salt.  Did you know that yogurt today is making its way up to dinner serving as well? That’s right – people cannot get enough of this delicious ingredient, and they are stepping up the yogurt game. Here is how to use yogurt in your recipes to make your menu more delicious, and how to freshen it up with some delicious yogurt. 

Can you incorporate yogurt into everything you eat? Of course, you can, but should you? That’s entirely up to you! Check these ideas and decide what your next yogurt-based meal should be.

Go Greek Style

When you want to try something really different, but still diary-based, you should go for the greek yogurt. 

One thing is for sure – Greeks do know how to make delicious greek yogurt and how to mix it with other ingredients to create a completely new meal: did you know that you can use greek yogurt to make a marinade, to make topping on waffles, or even to put a spoon of it in creamy soups like carrot or cauliflower to bring that creaminess on top? 

Plus, greek yogurt is packed with proteins, so you can use it while on diet, as well.

Replace Your Mayo

Mayonnaise has a bad reputation, and no matter how much you try to find its benefits it’s still a bad choice. Mayonnaise is packed with fat and calories. Plus, mayonnaise is mostly oil, which is why you should think about switching to yogurt as your primary dressing. 

Dips are great with creamy stuff, so mix yogurt and a bit of parsley for maximum healthy dressing. 

Make your chicken salad, dips, and spicy toasts creamier and healthier with yogurt. You can also drink it on the side. 

Use It For Baked Goods

Yogurt goes amazingly with bread, cakes, and biscuits. You can use it to create that fluffy texture. Substitute yogurt for any recipe or bake up a recipe that specifically uses yogurt. 

Always double check if the recipe requires yogurt or Greek yogurt (for Greek yogurt you should always add a bit of water). 

For long summer days and nights, use regular or Greek yogurt, add some fruit, and freeze – instant healthy ice cream.

Extra Ideas On How To Use Yogurt In Your Cooking

  • Make labneh
  • Use it on banana bread or muffins
  • Mix yogurt with parsley and spread over a baked potato
  • Try bourbon-glazed peaches with yogurt
  • Spread it over toast
  • Mix yogurt, granola, almonds, and honey