While many office workers complain about the sedentary lifestyle and health issues caused by it, the pandemic has made things even worse. If earlier, an office worker had to at least go out to get to work, or if there were chances to go to a gym, now, things have changed drastically. People work from home whenever it is possible. Going to the gym is already possible but still connected with a lot of risks. Not everybody is ready to take the risks. Thus, the situation connected with sitting-related health issues has become more severe.

To prevent health deterioration, people are looking for different solutions. Not everybody can have a gym at home. But at least we can arrange our workplace properly to be able to work and exercise in the same location. Here is when an adjustable standing desk will be very useful.

Benefits of a Height-Adjustable Desk

You might be wondering how a standing desk can help you to prevent health deterioration? Well, an adjustable desk is a good tool even in any office, but at home, you do not need to ask whether you can get it. Install it and enjoy the following benefits for your health:

  • This piece eliminates or reduces pains in the back and neck. It happens because when you are sitting constantly, your back must stay in an unnatural position for hours. Thus, pains in the back and neck appear. By changing to a standing position, you allow your back to relax naturally. Thus, those unpleasant pains will be reduced or leave you. 
  • With this desk, you can count on the reduction of headaches. It is common that during prolonged sitting, the blood circulation is not proper. The brain stops getting the needed volumes of oxygen. Therefore, the head starts aching. If you have a chance to stretch in a standing position, the blood circulation recovers. Now, you understand why just 5 minutes of standing can eliminate the strongest headache.

Do Exercises, Don`t Count on Standing Only

However, just changing between a sitting and a standing position does not make wonders. If you count on a visible effect, do exercises. There are a lot of exercises developed specially to do them at a height-adjustable desk. Some of them are very basic. You can do them while working. Others will require some time and attention but still, you don`t even have to leave your desk.

The Simplest Exercises to Do at a Standing desk

In the office, you might be feeling uncomfortable to do some exercises during the working day. But at home, there are no obstacles, and this is the greatest benefit or working from home. If you do not have time for a proper workout, you can do some exercises directly at the table:

  • Raise on your toes, wait some seconds, and come back to the initial position, repeat as many times as you feel fine;
  • Put your hands behind your back, clasp them. Now, stretch yourself. Repeat 3-5 times;
  • In a sitting position, lift your leg. The foot shall be at the level of your hip. Hold it if possible. Reverse the leg. Repeat 3-5 times;
  • Put your hands in the air. Hold them if you can. Lift them slowly. Repeat 15-20 times;
  • Walk, run, even jump. This is the easiest but very useful exercise.

If You Want to Achieve the Most Optimal Result

If you want to get a better result, you can make more complex exercises. Some of them are perfect to do with a height-adjustable desk. 

  • Push-ups: hold onto the desk edge and do them, as many as you can. Do not worry if, at the start, your maximum number will be 1 or 2. With time, you will be able to do as many of them as you want. 
  • Chair dips: this is one more exercise for those who work in an office or from home. Sit at the edge of your chair. Put your hands behind the back, hold onto the chair. Now, move down as low as you can. Make sure only your arms are moving, the rest of the body shall not move. Now, lift yourself and sit back at the chair edge. Repeat 1-3 times more.
  • Side lunges: stand in front of your desk. Slowly, start stepping to the side. When you feel that you have reached the limit, hold in the position, and wait. Slowly, come back to the initial position. Repeat with the other leg. 

These exercises will help you to keep fit. You can add some more, many of them can be done. And finally, when you come back to the office, you can surprise your colleague by your perfect shape.

A Proper Setup of Your Desk Is Crucial

There is one more small detail to remember. You need to adjust the desk height and all the equipment you use properly. Otherwise, the effects of your exercises will be minor, if any. 

  • The height of the desk shall be adjusted so that your elbows are at the 90-degrees angle to your body;
  • The screen shall be located directly in front of your eyes (the screen centre, not its edge);
  • Your legs are slightly bent in knees;
  • The wrists shall rest in their most natural position.

When you are sitting, adjust the desk also properly. Use a comfortable chair for the proper positioning of your back. 

Add elements that add comfort. For example, if you work with documents, an organizer for papers is always a good addition. If you type from documents, get a special clip to hold the paper at the level of your eyes. Finally, if you need an adjustable monitor stand, also get it.

Your health is the most asset you have, and your comfort matters a lot. Create a proper working environment, and you will see how your efficiency increases. All these details have a significant impact not only on your work results but on the quality of your life in general.