Since Antonio Conte joined Spurs after the first half of last season, the team has been rejuvenated, and after being written off, they worked their way to qualifying for the 2022/2023 UCL season. Therefore, there is more for the team to look for when the new season starts. And we’ve been seeing evidence of seriousness in the team.

Tottenham Hotspur has become an interesting team to watch. The team continues to work hard to improve their playing style and get better than the previous season. As they keep improving, they will do better this new season. To support them would be an excellent choice. It will be like playing top games at an online casino real money, most of the experiences you will get from it will be good. 

The team would keep working hard to improve their tally in the new season. The preseason would show how their prowess and the shape the team should take. This will be Conte’s first full season, and with the aid of the transfer window, he can build the team to what he wants, and in the end, they will perform better than expected. 

We’ve seen different players sign for the team since Conte started coaching the team. One of the team’s biggest signings was Dejan Kulusevski, who transformed the attack and improved the team. His partnership with Kane and Son is incredible; every fan can see that he is a top addition. 

As a result, the fans can trust the coach to help them build a rich team that can compete against some of the best teams in the world. With him going for Richarlison, he certainly has big plans for the Brazilian that would help the team get closer to their goals, although there is the question of how he would fit into the team.

Richarlison is an exciting striker who can bring flair on and off the pitch. Many fans love him for his off-field shenanigans, and the good thing is that he backs it up with a delightful on-field performance. He is that player you would love if he’s part of your team and hate if he’s not. But how would the team line up with him joining the squad?

The Current Attack

At the end of last season, the starting frontline was Kulusevski, Kane, and Son after the trio hit the ball running and showed impressive play. The team has been excellent since these three started playing together. Kulusevski successfully displaced Lucas Moura and Bergwijn from the attack.

Therefore, it is hard to see where Richarlison fits in. Son and Kane are sure starters in the squad because they’ve both been the best players by far. 

The two forwards have been impressive since they started playing together. Therefore, the current attack is foolproof, and breaking them up might be unwise. 

Richarlison’s Utility

One of the reasons we think Tottenham and Conte went for Richarlison is that he can play anywhere in the front three. He can play as a striker, on the left or right, or as a pair with the striker up front if Conte wants to go with a front two. However, his best position is playing as the target man.

With Harry Kane in the team, it would be difficult for the Brazilian to see playing time as the target man. Therefore, we expect him to be a utility player on the team. 

Kane would provide depth for the forwards. He uses both feet well and can cut into the box easily. Therefore, it would be easy to get into the squad.

Conte’s Plans

We all know that Conte’s best playing style is with three defenders. We have always known him to be an incredible coach, and his spell with Chelsea showed how lethal that tactics can get. Therefore, we expect him to continue with his style, but how he utilizes his new attack will determine how far the club will go next season.

With Richarlison in the squad, we might see a different tactic where we would have the Brazilian slot into the wingback position. This would be a way to increase the attack, but that can affect the defensive side of the game. Also, we might see a four-man attack with either Richarlison or Kane playing as the supporting striker. 

Our Thoughts

We can trust Conte to find the right spot for Richarlison in the team. He wouldn’t have gone for him if he didn’t plan to use the Brazilian. However, we would love to see how he fits into the squad, with the front three looking indispensable and unbreakable. 

Before the new season kicks off, we should see how Conte plans to use the player. Whatever happens, we know Tottenham is in good hands, and the fans can trust the Maestro.