1. Favorite Fitness Activities?

My favorite fitness activity has to be cycling. I’ve got a good group back in Minnesota that loves to ride and we have a good time together.

  1. What’s On Your iTunes Playlist?

My iTunes playlist consists of all genres. I think I have a playlist for any situation or activity. I love music.

  1. We’re Buying. What Are You Drinking?

Hahaha I like this question! I’m definitely a fan of the microbrews. It’s fun trying new brands and flavors. It’s a great industry.

  1. Favorite Cheat Meal?

My favorite cheat meal has to be pizza. Pepperoni and mushroom, once I start I just can’t stop!

  1. Game Day Ritual?

Game day rituals consist of nothing more than habits. Same pregame meal etc. I try not to get to hung up on that stuff.

  1. Best Stress Reliever?

My favorite stress reliever is fishing. I love getting out on the water, frozen or open, and wetting a line. To me it’s the best.

  1. What’s Your Dream Vacation?

My dream vacation would be an Africa safari. I’m a huge fan of animals and would love to see them in their natural habitat.

  1. Best Thing About YEG?

My favorite thing about YEG is how family oriented the city is. It’s a great community and a terrific spot to raise kids.

  1. What’s In Your Gym Bag Right Now?

In my gym bag right now I’ve got a pair of swim goggles, a container of Nuun’s, and my workout shoes.

  1. Piece Of Equipment You Couldn’t Live Without?

The piece of hockey equipment I couldn’t live without has to be my jock. After what happened in Dallas last season, I won’t leave home without it!