1. What’s your favourite country you’ve traveled to?

I actually got the chance to live and play soccer in Stockholm and that would have to be one of the best cities I have ever been to. Especially in the summer time.

  1. What’s the best way for you to stay active?

We have a pretty heavy training program throughout the season so other than that I like going golfing in my spare time along with walks and hikes with my family.

  1. If you weren’t playing soccer, what would be your dream job?

Dream job would have to be something to do with traveling the world. I love new cultures and exploring different ways of life.

  1. How do you recharge after a practice or game?

Usually with a good meal and a massage. A nap is sometimes in my afternoon schedule as well.

  1. Favourite sports team (besides FC Edmonton)?

I grew up watching and supporting Manchester United. I don’t really support a team anymore but when they play I find myself wanting them to win.

  1. What’s on your breakfast plate today?

Scrambled eggs, toast, and some fruit. Morning coffee is a must for me.

  1. Local celebrity you’d love to meet.

Connor McDavid. I think what he has done at such a young age and being captain is phenomenal.

  1. Favorite way to spend a day off?

Golf in the morning, a walk and afternoon coffee with the family in the afternoon and a nice dinner to end it off.

  1. Bacon cheeseburger or kale salad?

Kale salad.

  1. Words you live by?

Work hard, play hard.  I strongly believe in a good balance to everything. Can’t celebrate or party if you haven’t worked hard for it.