Patrycia Rzechowka


MS Bike Tour Spokesperson/Board of Directors Member


  1. Favourite fitness activities?

Cycling/spin, running, soccer, yoga, Muay Thai kickboxing/boxing and recently Jiu-Jitsu

  1. Best stress reliever?

My two dogs Gru and Meeka, and my amazing boyfriend always know how to bring my stress level down. But exercise in any form is definitely a close second.

  1. Where are you going on your next vacation?

Hopefully somewhere hot!

  1. Cake or ice cream?

I think you meant cake and ice cream? It’s ok, honest mistake..

  1. Wine or beer?

This is too hard. Wine, no beer, actually wine, wait beer, no definitely wine, on second thought maybe beer, wait, what was the question?

  1. Coolest race/fitness event you’ve entered?

I completed back to back centuries (200 miles total) at the MS Bike Tour in Miami. I am now also currently training to compete in a jujitsu tournament in Las Vegas in July.

  1. Athlete you’d love to train with?

Learning to be a yoga instructor from Kino MacGregor.


  1. Future fitness goal?

The main goal I have with fitness and exercise is to remain healthy. I am lucky enough that fitness keeps my MS manageable. My goal is to be able to fight as long as possible, even though some days, weeks and even months are harder than others.

  1. Favourite sports team?

I will always have a soft spot for the Oilers and Eskimos as the home teams, but I was lucky enough to watch a playoff Blue Jays game in Toronto in October and I have sort of fallen in love.

  1. Top bucket list item?

I am really just trying to enjoy some of the amazing opportunities I have been given, and deal with the challenges as best I can. I would love to travel more, and hopefully my health and schedule will allow for more in the future.