“Bree Lowe is the definition of “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. She’s gracious and kind, yet intensely athletic and competitive. Joga with Bree has allowed countless athletes to continue playing the sports they love by properly strengthening the body and rejuvenating the mind to improve performance and reduce risk of injury. Bree provides valuable insight into proper training, breathing awareness, and coaching as a female in typically male-dominated sports.” – City of Champions Podcast

It’s Sunday morning, what are you most likely to be doing today?

Since becoming a mom, my mornings have become a whole lot busier! I’ll wake up whenever my son wakes up, we’ll play and I’ll try to finish my coffee before it gets cold! If the weather permits we’ll go on a morning walk to get some fresh air.

2. If you didn’t do what you do for a living, what would you love to do?

Stylist and/or fashion design!

3. What music is on repeat on your playlist when at the gym or keeping active?

I enjoy everything! Currently loving Charlotte Cardin

4. If we were to peek in your gym bag right now, what would we find?

Hand sanitizer, skipping rope, AirPods, cellphone and probably baby toys

5. What’s your favourite thing about Edmonton?

Both my husbands and my family are in the area so that’s what makes it most special for us. Also the river valley is beautiful.

6. Where is your dream vacation destination?

Maldives and Indonesia

7. What do you do to take care of your mental health?

Exercise, long walks, we currently live by the ocean and that is very therapeutic for me.

8. What is at the top of your bucket list?

  • Family surf trip to Indonesia
  • •Create something I’ve always wanted to

9. Who are you currently following on social media who inspires you?

I find inspiration through my friends and family and what they’re sharing. @chlo.skinner, @amandaalbelin, @kayla.marie.sommer and @bydarby are major inspo to me!

10. What is your favourite way to stay fit?

I like a little of everything! Mostly weight training, walking, and yoga.