Carrie Doll – Podcast Host and Founder/Owner of Carrie Doll Consulting 

Stephen Petasky – CEO & Founder of The Luxus Group

1. It’s Sunday morning, what are you most likely to be doing today? 

CD: Generally, we are up by 8am (we do love our sleep.  Getting the right amount and then some is a huge priority;-) Sometimes we do sacrifice sleep for wine lol. Once we are up and have our coffee and are generally at a 9:30am Orange Theory Fitness class. 

SP: Up between 7-8am, no alarm on Sundays, then usually into a work project for 45-90 minutes before exercise. Orange Theory is the go-to place for us, especially on the weekends when we have the opportunity to work out together. We love hitting the gym together!

2. If you didn’t do what you do for a living, what would you love to do? 

CD: I’m doing EXACTLY what I love. Wait. I would love to host The Today Show

SP: I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do what I love, every day. My favorite part of the role is helping people improve their travel lifestyles…and if that is all that I did, I would be totally fulfilled!

3. What music is on repeat on your playlist when at the gym or keeping active? 

CD: I don’t listen to music while I’m working out because I’m either at Orange Theory fitness where the tunes are pumping, or I am with my personal trainer Paul Plakas at Custom Fit. That said, if I squeeze in a workout at home or go for a run it’s always music from the 80s. I’m a total Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, anything from the ‘80’s fan

SP: I have a few regular work-out playlists. Generally high-energy, fun to move to, Top 40 songs remixed over the past decade. Might go back 2 decades for some old-school Destiny’s Child! (Carrie laughs at me for this one…LOL). But lately I have been listening to podcasts as well, in particular for longer cardio days when I am not dying in HIIT class. Nice to get some knowledge out of your workout as well. It speeds up time and you feel like you got double the value from that hour on the treadmill!

4. If we were to peek in your gym bag right now, what would we find?

CD: No gym bag. I go to/from the gym from home. If you looked in my suitcase, the first thing I pack is my runners and at least half my bag is Lululemon workout gear.

SP: Indoor and outdoor runners, wrist wrap for boxing at Champs (not very good at it…but is fun!), recovery protein mix, and an iPod with pre-loaded mixes/podcasts. Everything you need for a killer workout! 

5. What’s your favourite thing about YEG? 

CD: It’s an entrepreneurial town and everyone supports each other.  There’s a real desire to help others and see them succeed 

SP: Without a doubt the entrepreneurial spirit. This is a city filled with innovators and pioneers…and I love that energy. This also extends to the fitness world as there are so many entrepreneurs here with great fitness studios. One day I want to try them all in the city!

6. Where is your dream vacation destination? 

CD: The Maldives.  The smaller the island the better.  Zero TV, zero wifi, zero phones.  Just blue water, blue sky, white sand, salt water, constant sunshine, a few great books and I will likely drink my calories!!!

SP: Tie between the heat of an epic beach destination, being on the top of a mountain skiing, or the culture of Tuscany. If I had to pick one option…Costa Rica is my favorite as it gives a great combination of beach and adventure!

7. Burpees or stairs in the river valley. If you had the option to make your spouse do one to get even for forgetting your anniversary, which one would it be?

CD: Neither.  I’d make him do chin ups.  He’s good at them- he looks good doing then and I get to watch. I’d just make him do A LOT;-)

SP: Burpees FO-SHO! Carrie hates them…so she would owe me a lot if she missed the anniversary!

8. What is at the top of your bucket list? 

CD: Everest Base camp.  I’ve been fascinated with that mountain since I was a kid. 

SP: I have been fortunate to have been checking off bucket list items every year. I feel like if you wait too long there is a risk of it never happening, so I just keep booking them. This past year was racing dirt bikes through the Sierra Nevada’s. The year before it was mountain biking in Southern Utah. 2019…not sure yet but likely a Northern Canada epic fishing experience and exploration adventure!

9. What is your favourite TV show?

CD: I don’t watch TV. I love “House of Cards” and “This is Us” on Netflix 

SP: Not really into TV. However, when Game of Thrones comes out…watch out! Westworld was pretty awesome too. Usually binge watching on long-flights while travelling for work.

10. What is your favourite way to stay fit and healthy?

CD: For me, it’s a lifestyle. No matter where I am or what I’m doing I stay true to the way we live.  I exercise daily, I enjoy eating clean because I do battle a few gut issues and I love soaking up real Vitamin D.  I’m not fanatical- but it feels good to feel good, so I will go the extra mile to achieve that. 

SP: For me it is the simple motivator that I know if I am eating clean and exercising regularly, generally I just feel better. I have more focus at work, more energy for the kids, and a stronger ability to be fully present no matter what the situation. That said, it is easy to fall off the program from time to time. Which is why living a healthy lifestyle has to be fun…and it is fun when you have people on the journey with you. Whether it is your spouse, kids, friends or colleagues…pick someone to be on this health journey with you. It makes it so much more enjoyable!