It’s Sunday morning. What are you having for breakfast?  

Scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms with some ketchup for dipping, a slice of whole wheat toast with butter, some fruit, a glass of milk and a cup of coffee.

When you’re headed to the gym, what’s on your music playlist? 

You can definitely find me singing at the top of my lungs to Aaliyah, Janet Jackson and Toni Braxton.  Yes, I’m that person you pull up next to at red lights.  Tupac, YG, Drake and Nas usually gets me hyped up if I’m rolling up to Champs to teach a class.  But now and then when I need to be in a steady, focused mood, Hans Zimmer, The Last Samurai soundtrack just does the job to settle me into calm, confident mindset, especially after a long stressful day at work.

If you came into a $1 million inheritance, what would you do with it? 

In order of spending: take my parents on a trip, set some aside for my son’s education, donate to All in for Youth and WABIY, fly to Masa New York and eat my heart out, buy nicer furniture and a good set of chef knives and get Botox for the 3 lines in between my eyes (evidence of my best thinking and learning).

Photo By Des Iles

What’s the best thing about the fitness scene in YEG? 

It’s like Cheers, everyone knows your name and if you’re new to a studio, soon everyone WILL know your name.   Instructors and trainers invest their time into making connections, listening to stories, journeys, struggles and accomplishments while holding you accountable to achieving whatever it is you want for yourself.  Some people start with their own personal fitness goals then over time it develops into a lifestyle of physical, mental and social well-being.   Particularly at boutique studios, friends can be made quickly, and they almost become people’s second home and families.

Favourite 90’s Jam? 

I’m a sucker for 90s R&B slow jams. My go-to jams that puts me in all sorts of moods is Come & Talk To Me by Jodeci, and Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell. They just don’t make slow jams like this anymore.

What was the last fitness activity you did? 

I went to Hogfit in Beaumont.  Becky Layton always runs the best 1-hour small group CrossFit workouts out of her garage.  Today we started with a run around her crescent followed by mobility floor mop, double Tabata back squats and double unders for a warm up.  We moved onto some strength exercises with front rack lunges and some core work.  By this time, I was drenched in sweat, but she assures you with a huge smile that there’s more.

What’s on the top of your bucket list? 

I love cooking and the only thing I watch on TV is food related so I would love to one day be on Chopped Canada or Beat Bobby Flay or any of those competition cooking shows. I’d also like to learn how to drive standard, so I can rent a Ferrari while on vacation.

Photo by Des Iles

Where would you like to go on your next vacation? 

I’m planning to go to Japan with my son, Sebastian, in the next couple of years.   We are both sushi addicts and want to learn more about the culture!  I really want to drive those real-life Mario go-carts dressed up as Yoshi.

What’s in your gym bag right now? 

Tensor tape, hand wraps, lap top, clipboard, shampoo, cap, hair ties, running shoes, Chapstick, t-shirt, bikini and sunscreen.

What words do you live by? 

Have the courage to speak up for what you believe in.
Keep moving so you can keep moving.
Live passionately and authentically.
Meet as many people as you can and learn as much as you can from them.