1. It’s Sunday morning. What are you having for breakfast? 

A mojito!  A mojito smoothie that is – coconut water, an avocado, fresh mint, one pear, one lime, spinach, agave nectar to taste and vegan protein powder.

2. When you’re headed for a workout, what’s on your music playlist? 

I have an eclectic selection of music that I quite enjoy listening to because my husband produces electronic music and DJ’s as a past time.  My summer anthem has been on repeat and took me to the finish line of my last half-marathon race.  Camelphat – Cola is a must download.  Throw in some gangsta rap and the playlist is complete #dontgetittwisted

3. If you could attend one fitness event this year, what would it be? 

I absolutely love the Lululemon Seawheeze half marathon!  By far, it is my all time favourite race!  However, if the “powers that be” brought back the Nike Women’s marathon – that would be a close contender.

4. What’s the best thing about the fitness scene in YEG? 

The camaraderie of all the athletes in the YEG fitness community is phenomenal.  There is an energy and vibe that is so contagious – you are always bound to have a smile on your face before, during and after a workout keeping you wanting to get your sweat on even more!

5. If we were buying, what are you drinking? 

Where? I’ll be there in a Prosecco.

6. What’s your one guilty pleasure? 

As a foodie, I chat about restaurants and food on a regular basis with my patients especially, when I’m looking forward to treat day (once a week!) Salted caramel ice cream with Skor bits is pretty delicious!

7. What’s on the top of your bucket list? 

My patients are always sharing with me what is on their bucket lists’ and they have done some pretty amazing things: the ‘majors’, 24 hour tough mudder, seal fit, solo death race and all things ultra and extreme!  I am constantly inspired by their dedication, hard work and perseverance given they are seeing me because of an injury.  I honestly would love to ‘do it all’ and right now I’m working towards the New York half-marathon and coming back from my own knee injury.

8. Where would you like to go on your next winter vacation? 

My family travels to Jamaica every winter – it was the first place that my husband and I traveled to as a young couple 11 years ago. We loved it so much that we convinced our parents to do the same, and they loved it so much that it became a yearly tradition – we also had our wedding there last year!

9. What’s in your gym bag right now? 

(Takes a look). Gum, running socks, deodorant, Barre socks, a pair of APLs, Victoria Secret Chantilly Lace and Vanilla body spray, IOS lip gloss, running shorts, combination lock, hair brush, athletic tape, scissors, lacrosse ball, first aid kit, headphones, swim goggles, swim cap, Sage muscle melt, peppermint halo and pain release.

10. What words do you live by? 

No leave, no transfer.