Heather Nedohin, Manager Sherwood Park Curling Club

David Nedohin, President and Co-Founder of Scope AR.

1. It’s Sunday morning, what are you most likely to be doing today? 

HN – I would be hitting the lake’s calm waters by 8am with David and driving the boat for him to barefoot. I am up next and then our girls to waterski or wake surf. Breakfast back at the cabin and then back on the water kayaking with the dogs for their swim. Repeat more water sports till the end of the day. 

DN – Summer. I’m at the lake hoping for calm water so that we can hit the Slalom ski course or go barefoot waterskiing well before any other boats are on the lake. It’s an entire family event with Heather and both of our daughters (Halle and Alyssa) living for our “Lake-Time”. This is usually followed up by a big breakfast with Crepes (made by my daughters) or possibly even a special “grandma pie”. In the winter, I’m either living at a curling club coaching Alyssa, or cheering on Halle in Ringette. The odd weekend off (which is very rare), you can find me on my snowmobile at the lake or in the mountains!

2. If you didn’t do what you do for a living, what would you love to do?  

HN – I would love to fly helicopters for Air Rescues.

DN – I have had my own businesses for so long, that if I did not have Scope AR, I’m sure it would just be another startup.  However, I also took over the reins of the Inner City Agency Foundation for 10 years, which is a wonderful charity founded by a great Edmonton business leader and philanthropist (Bruce Saville). I think if I was not working on a startup, I would love to be involved in donating time to charities helping those in need here in Edmonton.

3. What is your favourite curling memory? 

HN – Winning the Scott Tournament of Hearts in Red Deer, Alberta in 2012. Our team was Team Alberta in the host province and nothing was more exhilarating than the crowd after we made it through the semi-finals by a measure and then capturing the title. Playing in front of so many family and friends was electric. So fun.  

DN – Wow, there are so many great memories.  I definitely think that travelling with Team Ferbey to any of our many trips overseas are all so special.  Although we were fortunate to win so many events, the friendship is really what I will cherish the most.  However, winning the Brier at Rexall in front of 18,000 fans on the last shot of the game is something that will always give me shivers when I think about it.  Oh yeah, meeting the Queen, and have a *few* drinks with the Duke was pretty cool!

4. If we were to peek in your gym bag right now, what would we find?

HN – Yoga mat, water bottle, towel.

DN – Runners and a change of clothes.  I have a really complete gym in my basement which is try to use as much as possible. 

5. What’s your favourite thing about the Edmonton area? 

HN – I love the variety of options of activities you can do. The river valley connects us all from corner to corner. We here in Sherwood Park can access it from the Snow Valley Ski hill and peddle our way through the many parks. Hills are plentiful…feel the burn! 

DN – I love that there is so much to do in Edmonton and the surrounding area to keep active.  Even in the winter, I love getting outside and especially at the lake where we sled, snowmobile, and where I build a skating rink and curling rink on the lake!  I see so many people doing different things in the river valley, in the mountains, or so many other things there is truly something for everyone.  I think it is important to always keep active in any season, and Edmonton offers that!

6. Where is your dream vacation destination? 

HN – A lake and yoga mat.

DN – I think If I had time, I would love to drive from Coast to Coast across Canada.  I have so many places I have visited or lived and would love to return, or would really like to see for the first time.

7. What’s the most common misconception of curling?

HN – That it’s easy or boring. We might make it look easy on tv but once you are on ice, it’s slippery. The balance and finesse required is harder than it looks. Once you understand the strategy, it is like a chess game full of key moves. A simple game full of physical and mental benefits. 

DN – As part of Team Ferbey, we feel we were an important part of changing the sport into what it is today.  You no longer can truly compete without being elite in every aspect of an athlete including fitness, mental training, nutrition, and of course the skill to play.  Days are gone when late nights and too many “sociables” were part of winning.  When asked if you can have a drink while curling, the answer is “of course, just like you can in beer-league hockey”.

8. What is at the top of your bucket list? 

HN – African safari with the family. 

DN – Watching my older daughter, Halle, as she plays Field Lacrosse for the University she is committed to (2020), at Grand Valley State University and coaching or cheering on my other daughter Alyssa as she continues in her path of curling (or whatever else she chooses).  I live for watching them and truly look forward to being there every step of the way!  

9. What is your favourite TV show?

HN – The news. I barely watch tv but enjoyed watching Games of Thrones and Vikings.

DN – I don’t really watch TV, but I do get into the odd Netflix series.  Suits, House of Cards and Stranger Things are up there.  I’m more of a movie guy – and yes, a super-hero nerd!  lol

10. What is your favourite way to stay fit and healthy (besides curling)?

HN – Lake, yoga, biking and David’s gym in the basement.

DN – I really like to workout in my home gym – typically crossfit-style WOD’s.  Otherwise the lake is amazing.  Waterskiing has always been my passion, and in fact when I was much younger I was part of the Canadian Team for Barefoot Waterskiing for about 10 years.  Being on the water is my happy-place, and whether I’m on my feet or on a ski, it’s an amazing workout!