1. What are your favorite ways to stay fit?

Running and swimming. And I have reluctantly learned to love a bit of strengthening but not the kind that gives one a six-pack, the kind that strengthens all those random muscles that runners need to stay healthy. I have dreams about clamshells.

  1. What’s on your current playlist?

Besides recently rediscovering my love for U2’s “The Joshua Tree” album, I have been listening to an EP on repeat by a less well-known artist, Kevin Garrett, called “False Hope”.

  1. We’re buying. What are you drinking?

During the day, it would be a latte from Credo. At night or late afternoon it would be a cocktail (negroni or fresh fruit bellini) from Bar Bricco, followed by a glass (or bottle) of an Italian red wine, that I am unable to pronounce and can only point to on the menu.

  1. You’ve got a chance to have a meal with one person. Living or dead. Who do you meet?

This may be a surprising answer but it would be David Letterman. Not a perfect human being but someone I watched growing up with my Dad, so a lot of nostalgia there and someone I admire and find super interesting for reasons you will have to ask me about in person.

  1. What’s your guilty food pleasure?

Pizza and beer. And vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chips for dessert.

  1. Best way that helps you cope with stress?

Running is my mental health therapy. Running has changed my life in so many ways. One of the biggest ways is being an outlet for the sometimes too-busy life that I lead.

  1. Favorite thing about YEG?

The River Valley. We live in the city with the largest urban park system in North America, with over 160 km of running trails. Experiencing a morning sunrise in the River Valley, especially in the fall, with changing leaves and a bit of fog is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. New city slogan, Running Capital of Canada.

  1. If we were to look in your gym bag right now, what would we find?

Running shoes, shorts, shirt, rubber bands (for non six-pack strengthening), swimming gear, and nuun tablets for electrolyte replacement.

  1. A relaxing vacation on a beach, or a trip to a busy city? Where would that be?

Depends on the time of year. In the winter, it would be a beach no question. Most incredible beaches I have visited are on the island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa. In the fall, it has to be a big city with a marathon. I am running Chicago marathon this fall.

  1. Why do you love running?

I jokingly refer to running as my other steady life partner (sorry Kent). I spend a lot of time with it, I love it to death, I can’t live without it, it frustrates me on a regular basis, but it has improved my life in infinite ways including better health, increased confidence, new friends, and giving me a new connection to my community.