The last to arrive at the party and the last to leave, Mike and Helena are the best tinder date you’ve never been on. From quirky Broadway tunes to obscure cat facts, they’ve got you covered on your drive home with 91.7 The Bounce. Together they’ll battle those hard-hitting questions like: “Will Lindsay Lohan ever get it together?” or “Why doesn’t Winnie the Pooh wear pants?” But seriously… why doesn’t he??
They’ll also keep you up to speed on what’s happening in YEG. Consider it an opportunity to feel better about yourself every afternoon from 3 – 7…love, manners and judgement included.



Mike Chalut : due to a court order ban this information is no longer public knowledge.

Helena Schaper : 13 going on 30.


  1. Favorite fitness activities

These 2 spend a lot of time together walking the streets of the #yeg as neither of them know how to drive. Up to 10 KM a day rain or shine! Mike is constantly walking to the beat of Madonna, while Helena is motivated by the sound of purring cats! They kickstart every day with an intensive 1 hour circuit workout at Orange theory Fitness!

After their show on The Bounce, Helena heads home by foot where her loving girlfriend and two feline friends (hamburger and hot dog) wait for her to watch the newest episode of Orange Is The New Black.

Mike spends his post radio time living for love at Be Hot Yoga on 124th street. #namaste


  1. Best stress reliever:

Vodka soda and a long walk.


  1. Where are you going on your next vacation:

Helena is heading home to the East Coast this summer and Mike is always on vacation because he lives life in a very gay bubble of constant pleasure.


  1. What’s your food vice?  

 Helena: anything that arrives in a bucket

Mike: Poutine, sauce, dips


  1. Wine or beer:

Both, all of the above, everything, yes, thank you.


  1. Coolest race/fitness event you’ve tried:

Pride run! 5k running for the gays, can’t get much better than that! (**Mike did not actually run but burned calories with his motivational hosting skills at the finish line) He will be running this year!


  1. Athlete you’d love to train with:

Helena: Julian Michaels (only if she talks dirty to me)

Mike: Jane Fonda (he still has the tapes)


  1. Future Fitness goal:

Helena: tone down my child bearing hips and be able to run 10k without passing out.

Mike: is forever chasing an abdominal muscle, just one (he’s not greedy).


  1. Favorite thing about Edmonton:

The festivals!!!!! Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to enjoy each and every special event. The river valley – CAN’T GET ENOUGH. I make sure whenever anyone visits they see it.


  1. What’s in your gym bag right now?

Helena: garbage, receipts, smelly towel

Mike: make up, Fiji water, Helena’s garbage, Tom Ford cologne