In the heart of the hockey-loving city of Edmonton, there is a voice that resonates with passion, pride, and unwavering support for the Edmonton Oilers. That voice belongs to none other than Robert Clark, the esteemed anthem singer who has become an integral part of the Oilers’ game day experience. With his powerful rendition of “O Canada” before each home game, Robert Clark has cemented his place in the hearts of Oilers fans and earned his status as a beloved figure in the Edmonton sports community.

Robert Clark began his journey to becoming the Edmonton Oilers’ anthem singer is a tale of dedication and perseverance. Born and raised in Edmonton, he developed a deep love for both music and hockey from an early age. His musical talent began to shine through as he honed his singing skills, and he soon realized that he had a unique opportunity to combine his two passions.

Clark’s path to the big stage was not without its hurdles. He faced numerous auditions and rejections before finally getting his chance in 2010. His first performance as the Oilers’ anthem singer was met with resounding approval from fans and players alike, and from that moment on, he became a fixture at Rogers Place.

What sets Robert Clark apart as an anthem singer is not just his incredible vocal range and technique, but also the genuine emotion he brings to every rendition of “O Canada.” He understands the significance of the anthem in the context of a hockey game; it’s a moment that unites fans, players, and staff, serving as a reminder of the shared pride in their nation and team.

Clark’s presence goes beyond just singing the anthem. He is a passionate Oilers fan himself, and his enthusiasm is contagious. His spirited performances often energize the crowd, setting the tone for an electric atmosphere inside the arena. He has the unique ability to make fans feel like they are part of something special, a crucial ingredient in the magic of live sports.

Over the years, Robert Clark has become more than just the Oilers’ anthem singer. He’s a symbol of the enduring spirit of Edmonton and the Oilers’ dedicated fan base. He has sung the national anthem at countless games, from regular-season matchups to playoff battles, always delivering a stirring performance that fires up the crowd.

In a city where hockey is more than just a sport—it’s a way of life—Robert Clark has found his place as a cherished figure. He continues to inspire generations of Oilers fans with his powerful voice and unwavering support for the team. As long as the Oilers take the ice at Rogers Place, you can be sure that Robert Clark will be there to start every game with the stirring words of “O Canada,” reminding us all of the deep-rooted connection between music, sports, and community in Edmonton.

1. Favorite Fitness Activities?

Recently I have really been enjoying my weight training routine. I go twice a day (before and after work), 6 days a week. Before work is when I do weights on a 3-day rotation of a push day, a pull day and a leg day. After work I do my cardio (usually treadmill or elliptical). I’m full on addicted to it now.

2. What’s On Your iTunes Playlist?

Well, mine might be a bit different than your typical playlist, haha! I LOVE choral and classical music so there’s some of that. I’ve always been a big U2 fan and have several songs from their old and new stuff on there. Also Mumford and Sons. I’m totally geeking out here but I also LOVE video game music written for orchestra.

3. We’re Buying. What Are You Drinking?

It’s called a Crown Float or a Black Velvet, depending on where you go. It’s Guinness on top of Strongbow and it’s amazing.

4. Favorite Cheat Meal?

Ribs. Every time. I have yet to find some that are made better than my wife’s ribs.

5. Game Day Ritual? Anything you do to warm up your voice before going out?

I do most of my warming up in the car on the way to the game actually. I’d get strange looks if I did my warm ups at Roger’s Place. It’s a combination of open mouth humming and scales and it’s very loud. Also, I always run through the words of both anthems several times. I’d rather my “Youtube fame” be for how well I sang and not how horribly I screwed up!

6. Best Stress Reliever?

Massage, time alone on my screen porch (I have 4 kids…alone time is very precious!), and my two dogs, Bruno and Dexter.

7. What’s Your Dream Vacation?

Either a cross-European tour or a 2-week cruise to anywhere. Cruise ships fascinate me.

8. Best Thing About Oilers Fans?

Oh man, there are so many things. I guess if I had to pick one it would be their absolute love of every aspect of the game. The fact that we sold out all of our AWAY games at Roger’s Place during the playoffs says something. They love hockey and they LOVE their team.

9. What’s In Your Gym Bag Right Now?

Because I go before and after work, I pack a LOT of things in my bag. 2 pairs each of shirts, shorts, socks and underwear. I also pack my gym shoes, water bottle and shake bottle. Perhaps the most important are my grooming products from Rust and Pine Co, a local men’s grooming products business. Keeps me fresh and manly smelling!

Best memory of singing at an Oilers game?

This is easy. There were some pretty sweet moments during the regular season but I would have to go with singing the Canadian anthem for Round 1 of the Playoffs. The energy, excitement and anticipation in the air was tangible. Apart from the birth of my children, this was the best moment of my life.