Pain has a negative, degrading effect on every element of your life when uncontrolled. Pain can induce stress and reduce your well-being, making it difficult to perform your responsibilities. Florida Pain Management Institute aids in restoring the quality of your life by managing pain through their services. Adam E. Shestack MD and Cy Blanco are board-certified physicians and founders of Florida Pain Management. The specialists have immense knowledge and experience in treating musculoskeletal conditions, including knee pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Let’s have a closer look at a detailed view of these conditions.

1. Knee pain

Knee discomfort interferes with your everyday tasks and prevents you from participating in activities you enjoy. You may believe that your aching knees are simply a result of growing older, but actually, you may have a condition that requires treatment. The doctor determines the reason for your discomfort then builds a personalized treatment plan that helps you find relief. If you are diagnosed with a degenerative disorder, including osteoarthritis, you are given Viscosupplementation injections that contain hyaluronic acid. Restoring your levels might aid in the reduction of joint friction and soreness, promoting lubrication and movement. Injections into the peripheral joints are another therapy option. If you have a torn anterior cruciate ligament or meniscus, the doctor may perform surgery to heal the damage. If your tear is minor, pain treatment techniques like physical therapy, medication, rest, and movement changes may be sufficient to relieve your discomfort. 

2. Hip pain

Does your hip pain only appear during specific activities? Please do not ignore it, as it can alter your gait and cause problems down your kinetic chain. Professionals at Florida Pain Management can help you manage hip pain by diagnosing the pain and creating a treatment plan just for you. Physicians can easily treat hip discomfort by recommending over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines, ice, and rest. If these don’t help, the doctor may prescribe drugs, physical therapy, or other alternative therapies such as exercise. The doctor may recommend injections of corticosteroids to decrease inflammation in your hip joint, reducing stiffness enabling you to move freely. Additionally, if your hip pain stems from a spinal condition, the doctor may suggest epidural injections or nerve blocks to relieve the radiating pain in your hips. Adhering to all these treatments will relieve your hip pain significantly.

3. Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a cause for concern when it interferes with daily tasks, makes sleeping difficult, or prevents you from participating in activities you enjoy. Your doctor at Florida Pain Management Institute performs a complete physical examination and evaluates your medical history to identify the cause of your shoulder discomfort. Conservative therapies, such as over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs or prescription pain relievers, can often treat shoulder pain. Cortisone injections enhance the way your shoulder feels and functions by reducing inflammation and the resulting stiffness. Other therapies such as trigger point and epidural steroid injections may be helpful depending on the reason for your shoulder pain. Your treatment plan for managing pain is tailored to your specific needs to provide you with the most appropriate and effective relief possible.

Take back control over your life by eliminating unnecessary body pain. The Florida Pain Management Institute doctors are dedicated to providing personalized pain management that emphasizes your well-being. You can contact them via phone or book an appointment online.