Substance addiction affects 1 in every 30 people worldwide, which means if you are that one person you aren’t alone in your struggle to get your life back on track. Some people try to rehabilitate themselves into sobriety, and while that might work for some, it wouldn’t work for the majority and chances of relapse become high. You might have some negative preconceived notion about rehab centers or tried one before that makes you feel and think such centers won’t be able to help you, but nothing could be further from the truth. Most importantly, you can find rehabs in other countries that have a high standard of treatment with less costs.

There are of course lots of rehab centers in North America. Yet, it’s not unusual to start a rehab program in a completely different place or country, Costa Rica often being a good choice with plenty of experienced people working in this field to help you out. 


In comparison to lots of centers around North America or Europe, you can find more affordable centers in Costa Rica. This is basically because the general cost of living there is cheaper. Generally, the costs of operating a center would tend to be less in Costa Rica so you will not be paying as much as you would in other countries, but still receive the same treatments as you would in their counterparts in the USA or Europe. Through individual and group counseling, Costa Rica Treatment Center offers 30, 60, 90 and 120-day treatment programs in all areas of addiction. Treatment programs use a holistic approach that will help you regain your physical, mental, and spiritual health and regain your social ties.


Seeking recovery means seeking a fresh and new start. Kicking a substance is no easy feat, and you want to do it in a clean, healthy, and relaxing environment. You might not be able to find that calmness in the area you live in. You might be constantly reminded of using substances before you learn how to use the tools to deal with the emotions and other factors that trigger your addiction. It’s not a bad idea to just get away from it all to some place new till you feel strong enough to return back home sober and strong. By its very nature, Costa Rica is a relaxing spot, full of natural beauty. That will never be an obstacle in your recovery, but rather offers rehabilitation in a sober living environment, helping and sheltering you during your stay by keeping away from unhealthy, external stimuli.  

Costa Rica has both luxury style rehab centers, as well as smaller facilities. Luxury ones will not be cheap but still more affordable than their counterparts in Europe or the USA. Because Costa Rica is also a hotspot travel destination, you’ll always find many people from around the world coming to seek treatment at affordable costs. This makes contacting a rehab in Costa Rica a wise choice for recovery.