Kayaking is an enjoyable activity that includes moving in a small boat through the water with the help of a dual-bladed paddle. It enables the boat driver to move through lakes, ponds, and rivers by sitting face-forward and propelling forward with paddle strokes alternating side to side. There are various types of kayaking from flat water to kayaking at sea and whitewater. It is a wonderful hobby for any newbie to learn as picking up is pretty straightforward, you’ll be joyfully paddling along within a few hours. 

In this article, we will also discuss some of the advantages of kayaking as a form of exercise and its other benefits. 

Strength Workout

It is an awesome strength workout and you can burn 400 to 500 calories in an hour of kayaking, according to many sources. Kayaking can help your tummy flatten and tone too. Paddling takes a lot of core energy and motion to glide over the water. Paddling on both sides of the boat means twisting, targeting muscles that usually would be neglected. While paddling is often associated with the power of the upper body, the legs constitute an essential part. Steering and directing the kayak depends on your core and legs, and support from those strong leg muscles is needed by your rotating core. One valid reason for forgetting the treadmill for paddling is because the sport is low intensity. Paddling is less stringent on the joints and tissues than running which takes a toll on knees and ankles.

It Offers Adventure 

Kayaks offer adventure as it can be a holiday activity for children or an opportunity for older people to go sightseeing. Though if you’re searching for excitement, wild water kayaking over waterfalls is almost as thrilling as you’ll get. Even long kayak journeys offer the sole feeling of discovery. It can be soothing and serene, or thrilling depends upon where you do it. Moreover, kayaks draw less water and allow smaller lakes, rivers, streams, and backwaters to be reached by anglers to enter fishing areas that are experiencing less strain. Purchase cost, fuel usage, and annual maintenance of a boat can be extremely expensive and you will be able to save more when you explore kayak fishing. You can check a guide on picking fishing kayaks online as there are a lot of options available. Take into account how you intend to carry your fishing kayak. If you’re planning a car topping, you may want a lighter kayak and if you’ve got a truck or a trailer, it can make a huge size and weightless of primary consideration. You can check out the best fishing kayak under 1000 dollars if you are looking for something good quality but not too pricey.

Health Benefits

Kayaking is a low impact sport that can improve the health, strength, and stability of your exercise. Some health benefits include enhanced cardiovascular fitness, increased muscular strength, particularly in the back, arms, shoulders, and chest. Kayaking is also beneficial for your mental health and just being outside will improve your mood. It has been shown that if you exercise on or near water and greenery, it will reduce depression and anger and also improve confidence.

The rotational motions you do in kayaking can be very challenging for your core muscles and this would give a better exercise to your muscles. Balance and stability demand can also help improve your overall strength. We hope that this list of benefits has helped decide on your next new hobby!