Jared Smith is the Partner and Chief Marketing Officer for The Luxus Group, a Canadian firm specializing in luxury real estate, investment and lifestyle experiences.

1. It’s the weekend. How are you spending your time? 

Weekends are packed with protein pancakes (a Saturday tradition) and family adventures with my wife Jess, son Kai and daughter Maddie. You’ll find us on the soccer pitch, in the dance studio, at the Derrick Club, in the ravine or at Panther Gym’s family boxing class (a killer uppercut is a right of passage in our family). 

2. When you’re headed to the gym, what’s on your music playlist?

During the week I’m usually driving to the gym at about 5:30am listening to Lady Gaga or Sia because my daughter and her friends always mess with my playlists (that’s right – I just blamed my daughter for my private inclination towards melancholy pop tunes). 

3. If you could be any superhero, who would you be?


4. What’s the best thing about the fitness scene in YEG?

If anyone wants to experience how special the fitness scene is in YEG they should hit the stairs at Commonwealth at sunrise with November Project. NP Co-founder Andrew Ference invited me a few years ago and I’ve never experienced anything like it. Imagine 500 of the city’s fitness professionals, trainers, yogis, runners, cross fitters, beginners and “fit-curious” crushing stairs together in one common pursuit: to get up and get after it. (And yes, I just made up the term “fit-curious”). 

5. What are some local organizations doing great things in the city?

Lululemon is leading a running epidemic with 7000+ people registered for their 2nd annual Edmonton 10K (it sold out in less than 10 hours!); Panther Gym is teaching kids (and adults) how to hit pads and build confidence; Archetype is launching a revolutionary new gym downtown with a unique approach to high performance living; Holos is tackling workplace wellness and mental health; Pedalhead Roadworks is replacing golf with road biking as THE sport for executives; and Kinetic Living has opened the door to a new kind of therapy for movers (and shakers)…. so much is happening!! 

6. What was the last fitness activity you did? 

I ran up 4 flights of stairs to my offices at The Luxus Group. ALWAYS take the stairs. (Especially when the elevator is being serviced). 

7. What’s on the top of your bucket list?

I’d love to try spearfishing (don’t tell Jess!). I’m working on my breath holds + there’s something alluring (and scary AF) about free-diving to hunt fish in deep ocean water. 

8. Where would you like to go on your next vacation?

Surfing. I surf like I was born on the prairies – but I LOVE surfing. I’m booked to go brave the cold with some of my crew from the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Tofino in June. 

9. What’s in your gym bag right now?

A mouth guard and a blow dryer. Plus all things Lululemon – I’m addicted to their Metal Vent Tech shirts… and my workout pals at Body By Bennett appreciate it because they are “anti stink” (the shirts, not the guys)… not that we sweat much. 

10. What words do you live by?

“If you want to be incredible, surround yourself with incredible people.” Grandpa taught me that one. Can’t go wrong. 

Photos by Jeffrey Paul Kelly