To get a better understanding of what is going on in the fitness industry we spoke to John Cardillo, head of Premier Fitness Health workout expert who summed up the new standard of operating by saying “gym owners and operators have been creative in their approach to the recent upheaval in the industry, and the results can be seen as necessity is the mother of invention”.  This is further discussed in Cardillo’s research found on the modern fitness industry. 

The Digital Revolution

In the past, you had to access a John Cardillo Premier Fitness Health gym – a bricks-and-mortar site that provided excellent benefits for the fitness buff. The modern equipment in state-of-the-art establishments with trainers who had a wealth of experience was but some of the advantages at play for those who value good health. But, the traditional gym has suffered of late – ‘boutique’ fitness centres – may have reached critical mass, and their influence on the industry seems to be waning. In-home fitness has become more popular than ever for many who have abandoned the gym based on the relative ease that in-home workout provides. The cost factor of in-home activities certainly is driving the revolution, as has the app influence on fitness aficionados. Using an app with prepared workouts for on-demand exercise gives fitness types a tailor-made routine that will improve overall fitness. Using wearables to connect those who work out can help track results and bodily functions like heart rate when working out.

As John Cardillo Premier Fitness Health and other gym owners react to the new normal, the swings in the way instructions are given take on a new life. Using multiple channel instructions like live instruction and streamed instruction is where the industry is going. When incorporating technology, it is important that instructors build workout routines that combine technology that enhances the workout experience with proper guidance. Using the convenience in-home exercise with the certified credentialed instructor’s ability will be a perfect marriage for both the end-user and gym operator.

Variety is The Spice of Life.

In the US, fitness is a $32B a year industry, which means vast numbers of people are participants. The problem is, though, approximately 10 percent represent the “diehard” group. Who are the “diehard” group? They are serious workout people who train to become the very best they can be in the various disciplines that they are involved in. The balance of people who work out – 90 percent of fitness enthusiasts – work out for a healthy lifestyle and improve their overall quality of life through regular exercise. Most, if not all, of those people seek variations to their workouts to keep them fresh and exciting.

Workouts Are Personal

Social media has been a boom for every aspect of our society, and using social media has become a necessity. Trainers who develop a personal connection to their clients are in demand. The people who exercise see their attention to physical fitness as much as exercise as a social experience. When making lifestyle adjustments, like exercising, there is some interplay with a group that is encouraging success.

People Power

In the fitness industry, the trainers and other personnel are often freelancers who specialize in specific aspects of training. Many of the experts have been left on the sidelines with gym closures waiting for gyms to reopen. A way for coaches and trainers to stay connected to the fitness group is to develop content to inspire their clientele.

Whether it is videos that demonstrate ways to exercise or writing blogs about different topics that affect the workouts or how people use specific at-home equipment, it is a way to stay connected and relevant for laid-off trainers. 

The Hybrid Workout Routine

With gym closures becoming all too familiar, John Cardillo Premier Fitness Health seeks to keep their members in touch with fitness. Using the at-home method combined with our Health and Wellness home workout programs is how the evolution of fitness will be met as explained on John Cardillo’s Premier Fitness Health program expert, explained that “ his at-home program is primarily based on heart rate, and it is a total body workout performed in groups. It uses science, technology and expert coaching to create the best-in-class results for the end-user” Cardillo  added that  “flexibility and user convenience are the keys to the results being achieved by the patrons and the former gyms operators alike. The predictions indicate a trend that will see more people attending virtual classes because people who couldn’t participate in the gym find time to work out in their own homes”.

While the nature of fitness is in a state of flux, Carrillo  believes that “ it will not go gently into the good night as instructors and people who seek a healthy lifestyle find the vehicle that serves their interests well”.