March 20, 2015, is a date that will never forget. I was at an out of town hockey tournament with my youngest son, Tyler 14 yrs old. We had to be up very early so were off to bed early. He crashed pretty quickly; I watched TV for a bit then decided to go to sleep. As I lay back in bed, I put my left hand on my chest, not sure why, it’s not how I typically sleep …. But that’s when I first felt the lump on my right breast. After discovering this lump, a million things started running through my head, needless to say, I had a hard time falling asleep. The next day, for obvious reasons, my mind was on overdrive. I was so very thankful I had a busy day with hockey to help occupy my mind.

However, after that last game later that day, I had to travel back to Edmonton alone… my son was staying with his team and would be travelling home the next day with his dad. As I drove home, I had a million things on my mind and was completely terrified. I did my best to keep my calm and not let my mind wonder too much. On my hour drive home, I felt the need to completely explore my breasts as much as possible. Hopefully other drivers on the highway that day didn’t notice…..

For the likes of me, I was not able to ever recall when I would ever wish for Monday to arrive. In this case, Monday could not come fast enough. As I sat in the doctor’s room, I tried my best to keep my spirits up and be positive…. It wasn’t easy. After my examination it was decided that I will need to undergo further testing. My heart and stomach sank. That was March 23, 2015. Now the wait for the scheduled appointments.