Believe it or not, some women are afraid to give birth not because of the pain during the delivery but because they know that they will have to gain weight during pregnancy. For some people, losing weight after giving birth is not so easy. In this article, we will provide tips on how to drop some pounds and encourage you to take these steps if you want your body to be the same way as before you sent a gift of life to the world.

1. Drink Enough Water

Most of us already know that our body should be kept hydrated 24 hours in a day. We are always reminded to drink the optimum number of six to eight glasses. This is not only to promote good circulation in our system but also to flush away the excess fats and clearing out your system as you are free from constipation. Drinking enough water will keep your skin hydrated as well, and this will great to reduce the postpartum stretch marks incurred during labor and pregnancy..

2. Eat Lots of Fiber

If you are the type who craved for every food you think about while you were pregnant and eat it, know that this time must be different. Post pregnancy appetite might not diminish quite a lot because you might still have stress hormones that all the more propel you to eat more. However, this should not be the reason why you snack on unhealthy food and snacks as you want to. Take lots of food that are rich in fiber such as fruits and green, leafy vegetables or opt for fiber bars instead of chewing on cookies and other sweet treats.

3. Keep Moving Around

Your body may still be in pain in the first three months after giving birth, and some women are advised to take a rest from work. But these should not stop you to keep being active. Exercising regularly will do a lot of help to shed those pounds away. Cleaning the house, doing some chores and running some errands are things where you can start. Get more active when the pain from the labor goes away slowly and try getting more exercise as much as you feel up to. Dance to fast beats, walk briskly and don’t forget to do proper stretching to avoid muscle pain afterwards. Having a healthy heart via doing active workout routines will also prevent you from sicknesses.

4. Have Enough Rest

When you feel upset about taking care of the baby, especially if you are a first-time mother, feeling overwhelmed will be natural. Make sure to make time for yourself and have enough rest. Having a tired body might only shoot up food and sweets cravings that actually motivate you to eat more. Also, a well-rested state will make you stay away from taking medicine for headache and fever as you won’t need them.

5. Cut Calories Down

Eat small and frequent meals. To keep track of what you consume, you can take a food journal where you take snapshots of your food and drinks every day and write the number of calories consumed as the equivalent. Make sure that they adhere to the calorie intake that is ideal for a non-pregnant woman. Begin to eat less and less until you find that no weight is coming off.


These tips are all but very basic but really important to jumpstart your plan and commitment in losing weight after giving birth. Choose your foods wisely and note to attain a big amount of weight slowly but surely because you don’t want your body to suffer; the consequence might be the reduction of milk production for your baby.


Author Bio:

Ianna Reign Stevenson is a professional writer based in London, England. She is a young mother of a 3 year old toddler and a working mom.Connect with her on Twitter.