Fitness is a must if you want to stay active and healthy. Sedentary lifestyles, obesity, and unhealthy eating habits have been associated with many potentially devastating diseases such as gout, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and a many more. Many people find working out at home more appealing for many reasons like a busy schedule or to save costs in the long run. However, building your home gym can be quite challenging. One of the challenges is that you have to literally pick the best, and optimal gym equipment out of a thousand different choices for your home. You will probably be on a budget too and want to pick what is right for you. The best home gym equipment for you depends on your choice. We are going to take you through a list of 6 best home gym equipment to buy in 2019. But before we go on, let us talk more about some things you should consider before choosing home gym equipment.

Factors to Consider

Exercise regimen: You should know that in order to keep fit, you have two different types of exercise regimens to follow. There is cardio exercise that works out most of your body’s muscles at once. This type of exercise helps you lose body fat in general more. The other type is resistance exercise. These exercises are aimed at you gaining weight in muscle. They only exercise a few parts of our body but the exercises are intense. They are not so effective for weight loss, but they prevent weight gain. If you want to keep fit, you have to get your equipment to satisfy these two types of exercise. Make sure you pace yourself and give yourself time to adjust to your new routine. You can do this and keep your mind active at the same time by checking out online casino Canada

Space: You should also consider the space you have at home. If you do not have enough space for a home gym, you have three options. You can decide to create more space (this requires a heavy budget but affords you a larger gym), manage the space you have (a cost-effective option but limits your choices), or you could ditch the idea of a home gym altogether (the cheapest but ineffective option).

Cost and quality balance: If you want to get the 6 best pieces of home equipment in 2019, you are going to need to spend some money. You have to consider costs and balance it with the quality of equipment you are getting.

6 best home gym equipment to buy in 2019

Now you are ready and you are looking for the best home gym equipment to buy in 2019.

Gym mats

Gym mats are a very good idea – if you don’t want a sore back, arms, and legs or a painful exercise regimen. Some of the exercises may require you being on the floor to perform sit-ups and push-ups. Mats help act as a cushion and make your exercise more comfortable. It is a good investment and we recommend you get a good commercial mat. In addition to preventing stiffness and reducing the risk of injuries as a result of exercises, a good quality mat also helps reduce damage to the floor of your house when you are working out. Seriously! Go get a gym mat.

Adjustable benches

Do you want to exercise your chest? Then adjustable weight benches are the best option for you. You could do many exercises for the chest like bench presses (incline, flat or declined), chest fly, hammer bench press, and declined seated bicep curls. Some of the top adjustable benches include the Rogue Adjustable Bench 2.0, Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max, Body Champ weight bench set and many more. You can check them out, their qualities and price and decide if they are for you. You can also check the Fitnessator blog for more information on types of weight benches, who they are good for and how to get the best out of your exercises on them.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells certainly deserve a place on our list of 6 best home gym equipment to buy in 2019. They are a plus to your gear and can help you a great deal. The good thing about these dumbbells is that they can save you a lot of space and research is showing that they are as effective (if not more effective than) as your standard barbells. Fitnessator made mention of some good ones such as Select Tech Bowflex, Elite dumbbells by Power Block, RSWB-40TP dumbbell set by CAP barbell and many more. Each of them has different maximum weights, customer opinions, sand different prices.

Elliptical machines

These are very useful for your cardio workout without stressing your knees and ankles while giving a similar result to actual jogging and walking. They are very space-friendly and can really optimize your home workout. Once you finish your workout, you can always have a little downtime playing slot machine online Because of this, they make it to our list of 6 best home gym equipment to buy in 2019.

Leg press machines

This is a great alternative to squats. These are safer than traditional squats as you are less at risk of back injuries. You still have to learn the proper way to use it for exercises though so you do not risk knee and ankle injuries.

Power racks or squat racks

Power racks and squat racks serve more or less the same purpose, the difference being that power racks come mostly as a cage form and can support heavier exercises while squat racks come as two vertical support stands. Squat racks are a good option if you want to preserve space. A lot of exercises like squats, bench presses, pull-ups, and many others are a lot easier if you use a power rack or squat rack. This is why they made it to our list of 6 home gym equipment to buy for 2019.

We hope we have given you a basic guideline of the equipment you can choose for 2019. Make sure you stay on the road to fit…