It is the new year; have you succeeded in starting, committing, or doing your New Year’s “Resolution”?

Statistically many resolutions perish before the end of January, because of the way they were set with an imbalance of intention or a lack of clarity on what the vision and plan to achieve the “resolution” would be.

What I am saying is the success to anything you have ever accomplished or not accomplished in life is…. ‘Emotional attachment’

First I suggest you change your language. No more ‘resolutions’ rather ‘goals’ or simply put. “What are 3 things you want to do this year?”

I am sure you already know what you want to do, yet when we say the word resolution, people come up with crazy out there ideas that just are not realistic and therefore allows them to not put any effort forward, because they are left in the current state of what they do not like.


  • I want to win the lottery….
  • I want to work less and play more
  • I want to lose weight (yes this is unrealistic- there’s no number! Would you be happy if you lost 1pound?)

Do you see my point?

Now none of them are totally unrealistic, yet there is no real action, and it could mean anything to anyone. And why would you want to do any of those?

When you change your language and talk about goals or things you wish to accomplish, they are future put, they have an excitement, a happy nervous emotion attached to it.


  • Why do you want to win the lottery? ……How will it make you feel?
  • Why do you want to work less and play more? ……What does that even mean?
  • Everyone wants to lose weight… again if you lost 1pound is that enough? What will make life different 1pound lighter?

I challenge you to find your emotional reason to want what you want. This can take time, and unless you are willing to change your mindset and really admit emotionally what it looks like, and feels like, you many not reach your goal.

Let’s us the example goal to “lose weight”….. say “10pounds in 2 months.”

You start weighing yourself weekly or even daily. Three weeks might go by and maybe the scale changed a pound and maybe it didn’t. Now you are frustrated.. what gives.. I am going to the gym.. why is this not working??

So many times, we fixate on a goal and stay in the negative emotion, that we forget to look at the vision of the goal.

That’s why I like to focus on…. Mindset.

Make your goal 10 pounds in 2months… yet if you do not change your mindset, and your thought’s it is not going to change anything.

When we look at our mindset and really get crystal clear on what losing 10pounds means to us.

  • What will it look like?
  • What will it feel like?
  • What will we be doing differently?

Then each day take one small action toward that desired goal.

When the alarm goes off in the morning would the 10 pound lighter you hit snooze?

When grocery shopping would the 10 pound lighter you buy chips, cookies and junk?

I believe that the first key to success in your health and fitness is your Mindset, your vision, your ‘why’ to what you wish to achieve. If you do not believe you can achieve it, then your actions or lack of action will speak for itself. By describing your goal in a clear vision of ‘how’ life will be different, makes it feel possible. As if you are already living it.

For example, ‘When I lose weight, then my clothes will fit and I will not be in pain’ vs ‘I wake up and feel confident every morning as I get dressed for the day. My body moves with ease and strength.’

The first example leaves you feeling restricted and reminds you of the what you do not want. I find that it makes it harder to take action toward the goal of the weight loss. Whereas the second option sounds exciting and rewarding leaving you wanting to take direct action toward the goal.

Ask yourself:

  1. What are you no longer willing to tolerate in your health and fitness?
  2. What belief you need to overcome your fears?
  3. What is the most OUTREAGEOUS and AMAZING version of your health and fitness this year?

Author Bio

Karla Loeppky owner of Your Body Your Weigh Personal Training, an online program helping you reclaim control of your body and take back your life, without long hours of exercise and giving up the foods you love. Stop putting off what you deserve and start claiming your strength, living with confidence and loving your body again.