Many signs show your body needs extra care to function properly. However, better nutrition, quality sleep, and less stress have been shown to improve general body health. Exercise also is a great way to ensure the body functions well and that you remain active as needed. So, what are the signs that you aren’t taking good care of your health? Read on to see. 

You have brain fog

Even after thinking, you slept well, you still feel spacey. At the time you forget simple things like your wallet when going out. Brain fog comes as a result of poor sleeping habits, stress, and even something more serious that needs medical attention. Severe causes of brain fog may include hormonal imbalance that influences cognitive issues. If you’re a woman and your mind lapses, it may indicate issues with your thyroid. Invest in good sleep and healthy eating to avert such.  

Severe stress

Stress can come due to family, job, relationships, and other issues. When you are stressed, you release cortisol at high levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that when not balanced, makes you feel moody, depressed, anxious, and other issues. High cortisol interferes with your libido and self-worth, leading to frustration, less self-confidence, energy, and entire well-being. Counselling, exercises, and a good diet can help manage your stress. 

Feeling sleepy anytime

A good night’s sleep is critical to your overall health. It slows your aging process, especially when combined with daily exercises and supplements like nicotinamide mononucleotide(nmn). If you have struggled with your sleep, consider visiting your doctor for help. You might be suffering from sleep apnea, which requires medication, or simple exercises, and a good diet. Sleep apnea interferes with your airway, thus disrupting your sleep. This may further lead to high blood pressure, heart problem, and weight gain.

Leg muscle twitches 

Muscle twitches on your leg can occur when you sit for long hours, or the whole day in front of a TV, or computer screen. However, when you get frequent muscle spasms, it may indicate low magnesium levels. Such can cause health issues like cardiac arrhythmias with time. You need to increase your magnesium intake by taking foods such as pumpkin seeds, almonds, and bananas. Also, a supplement with high essential vitamins could be of help. 

Hand and feet tingling

Occasionally, you may get goosebumps, which is okay. However, if you realize frequent tingling in your hands and feet, it could signify vitamin B12 deficiency. If not treated on time, it can cause anemia. A simple solution is to eat well-balanced meals, and include eggs, meat, and dairy. If you’re a vegetarian, vitamin B12 supplement and a vegetarian diet will help.  

Your body is always on demand, thus requiring sufficient care for it to function well. You can avert many health issues by sleeping well at night, taking a balanced diet, exercises, and occasional check-ups with your doctor. Other things you can use in addition to the above are supplements like nicotinamide mononucleotide(nmn) to slow aging. It helps, especially if you have a problem sleeping, which is a cause of premature aging.