Looking for ways to make your retirement more exciting and fulfilling? Read this blog article for seven simple but effective tips.

Many who look forward to retirement find that it is harder than they expected.

That’s not to say that retirement isn’t great, because it is. But it might be a bit more of an adjustment than you thought.

If you find that you are having a hard time making the most out of your retirement, read these seven tips. These are the keys to finding fulfillment in this era of your life.

1. Prioritize Health

Now that you don’t have to hold down a nine-to-five job, you have plenty of time to keep up with your health.

Many who retire from work also retire from everything. But this isn’t the time to become a couch potato.

Think about it — you won’t be able to enjoy all your newfound free time if you are too tired or sickly, will you?

It doesn’t take a lot to keep yourself feeling healthy. Just work activities into your daily schedule that keep you moving.

Even if you weren’t particularly active before retirement, studies show that it’s never too late to get the benefits of exercise.

Aside from staying active, you should eat well and get your sleep. Simple changes in your daily habits can make a big impact on your quality of life.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of More Work

Many retirees seek out a part-time job after retirement.

I know what you are thinking:

“Why would I want to find a job? I’ve been looking forward to retirement for years so that I don’t have to work!”

Strangely enough, some people actually miss work. Retirees can feel like they are lacking some sense of purpose and meaning. They also miss the routine involved in having a job.

Of course, you can get these same results from volunteering or organizing a club. If you feel like your retirement life is missing something, this might help you feel more fulfilled.

3. Have a Sense of Adventure

You might be retired, but you aren’t dead yet. It’s time to get out, explore the world, and be adventurous!

You can start slow by trying new foods. Why not check out that new Indian place or go to a food truck festival?

You can even take it a bit further by going places you’ve never been. Whether these trips are spontaneous or planned, near or far, every time you go somewhere you’ve never been, you are expanding your world.

You can also break out of the box by taking classes, such as dancing, pottery, cooking, or drawing.

These new experiences will prevent your life from getting stale and uninspiring.

4. Cultivate Relationships

People are also a great means to keeping your life exciting. You should continue to cultivate your relationships during retirement.

Your spouse has been by your side through thick and thin. Now that you have free time, you can schedule date nights and spend more time together. You can also share one of those new classes you want to take with them.

Travel with them, make them breakfast in bed, or draw them a bubble bath in candlelight. Act like teenagers again!

Retirement is also a great time to reconnect with your family. A weekly video chat or phone call can go a long way if they don’t live close by.

If your kids or relatives live near you, invite them over for dinner and have a sleepover with the grandkids. No doubt your grown kids could use a little break themselves.

Take a road trip to visit those who live too far away to see regularly.

Don’t forget to hang out with friends. If your busy work life made it hard to cultivate friendships, now is a great time to make new ones.

5. Find a New Hobby

Retirement allows for time to do the things you enjoy, so find a new hobby that you can immerse yourself in, or get back to an old one that perhaps you’ve missed.

You can stick with one and get really good at it, or try new ones every month if you would prefer.

Need some ideas? Check out this article.

6. Budget

Hopefully, you already had a good retirement plan to set yourself up financially, but you still need to stay on top of your finances.

You may not be able to afford the same lifestyle as when you were making a paycheck, so you need a good budget that factors in your new income.

If you agree that you could use a bit more income, see point #2. There’s no shame in making a little money on the side to make ends meet.

Even a big retirement savings account can dwindle quickly if you aren’t careful, so be careful!

7. Have the Right Mindset

For some people, retirement brings negative thoughts. If you begin to notice your attitude taking a dip, it’s time to change your mindset.

Instead of thinking about how retirement makes you feel old, think positive. It’s good for the heart and brain.

You aren’t old; you’re experienced. You aren’t slowing down; you’re savoring life. Switch any negative thought into a positive.

One thing that makes this easier is to practice gratitude. Consider all of the good things in your life and think of how grateful you are to have them. This helps to keep your mind off anything you lack in your life.

If your age is starting to weigh heavy on your mind, remember that it’s only a number. You may be getting older, but that doesn’t mean you have to act old. Have some fun!

Lastly, think about all the good you’ve done in your life and all the good that’s been done to you. Reminisce and appreciate all the years you’ve had.


Retirement isn’t the beginning of the end; it’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Staying active physically and engaged mentally and emotionally is essential in order to enjoy retirement.

You can ensure that you get every drop of goodness out of your retirement by following these seven strategies.


Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with NorthStar Georgetown to help them with their online marketing.