One of the most valued beneficial effects of Kratom is anxiety relief. A significant number of people report a positive influence of Kratom on anxiety and according to research, almost half of Americans suffering from anxiety have discovered the effectiveness of Mitragyna speciosa. Kratom enthusiasts have found that certain strains of this plant are better for anxiety than others. A recent study showed that 34 out of 100 adult Americans suffer from anxiety and most of them report finding relief in Kratom. Could that be one of the reasons why Kratom has become so popular? Whatever the case, this article outlines some of the best Kratom for anxiety relief.

What is anxiety?

Before we find out the best Kratom strains for anxiety, we must first understand what anxiety is. According to the American Psychological Association, anxiety is a normal emotional feeling associated with nervousness, worry, or fear. It can also be defined as the reaction of the body to fear. Anxiety causes increased heartbeat, intense breathing, and a sudden increase in body energy. The energy increases due to stimulation of adrenaline, which triggers an increase in blood glucose levels.

The following are the best Kratom strains for anxiety relief.

· Red vein kali Kratom

All red vein Kratom types can reduce anxiety. However, the red vein kali Kratom has emerged as the best of all red veins for anxiety. It is believed that the high alkaloid concentration of red kali influences the brain’s sensitivity to factors responsible for anxiety. The alkaloids act on the part of the brain involved with emotional control, causing a relaxed sensation. Furthermore, alkaloids also increase blood flow to the brain, keeping it active and alert. The effects of the compounds on the brain work together resulting in a balanced mental state. If you are a victim of anxiety, the end of suffering has come. Grab your order of red vein kali and say goodbye to anxiety.

· Red Thai Kratom 

Another red-veined Kratom suitable for reducing anxiety is the red vein Thai. This strain has an excellent alkaloid profile with a high level of Mitragynine, believed to act on the same receptors as opioids. Although it is not an opioid, it lowers the brain’s ability to trigger physical changes associated with anxiety. For instance, red Thai interferes with the production of adrenaline. It also increases blood flow to all parts of the body, including the brain resulting in a reduced perception of fear, which, in turn, lowers anxiety levels.

· Red Bali Kratom

Obtained from the Bali islands of Indonesia, red Bali Kratom is among the best Kratom for anxiety. Anxiety is a natural emotional response of the body to factors such as fear, meaning that we are all prone to this problem. The good news is that you do not have to worry about the next episode as red Bali Kratom offers an excellent natural remedy for anxiety. This strain has shown promising results against anxiety due to its high potency in terms of alkaloid concentration. The mode of action is attributed to the influence of alkaloids on the nervous system. It interferes with overstimulation of the brain by anxiety inducers resulting in negligible manifestation of the symptoms of anxiety. Furthermore, like all other Kratom strains, its improvement in mental functioning promotes a stable psyche, reducing anxiety.

· White Maeng Da Kratom strain

The white Maeng Da Kratom is a unique Kratom strain when compared with other white veins. It causes an overall pleasant feeling and sense of wellbeing in the body. This strain is best known for mood enhancement due to the high alkaloid content in the leaves. Its effect on anxiety is related to its mood-enhancing properties. The action of alkaloids and other compounds in this strain is believed to trigger the release of hormone dopamine and serotonin, which are regarded as a hormone and a neurotransmitter in the body. These hormones enhance mood resulting in feelings of happiness, thus reducing anxiety and replacing it with sensations of pleasure.

· Kratom red Borneo

Red vein Borneo originated from Borneo in Indonesia and has become popular across the world due to its ability to relieve anxiety. As one of the most potent strains for stress management, how does it help relieve anxiety? Studies have shown that stress may cause the same physical signs like anxiety, such as increased heartbeat. Red Borneo Kratom acts on the brain, causing a decrease in the release of the stress hormone cortisol. An increase in this hormone in the blood increases the chances of an anxiety attack. The good thing is that red Borneo reduces the effect of stressors, thereby reducing the incidences of anxiety.

· Superior red dragon

The superior red dragon is genuinely an excellent and highly potent Kratom strain. Today, the strain is helping people cope with anxiety. The effects of this strain kick in slowly but keep you stimulated for a long time. If you are prone to anxiety, you can consider the Kratom red dragon for the best results. The strain improves cerebral blood flow, boosts mood, and promotes mental stability. These effects, together with stimulations in the nervous system result in overall relaxation of both body and mind. It is also believed that the strain promotes the release of dopamine and serotonin hormones that help reduce anxiety.

· The yellow Vietnam Kratom 

Although yellow Vietnam is a relatively new strain in the market, it has shown outstanding results in managing anxiety. The potency of this strain matches that of most red-veined Kratom strains. It has a moderate flavor and hence liked by many in the Kratom community. Extremes of anxiety can lead to serious health problems with a significant challenge facing victims of persistent anxiety being the risk of dependence on prescriptions. The best alternative now is to consider the benefits of Kratom. Yellow Vietnam Kratom has high levels of Mitragynine that triggers the brain resulting in increased happiness and a stable mood. Although its influence on anxiety has not been studied extensively, experience has placed this strain among the best Kratom for anxiety.

· White veined Malay Kratom

Although white veins are not very popular for anxiety relief, Kratom white Malay has proved quite useful. The strain originated from Malaysia and is now one of the best Kratom for anxiety thanks to high Mitragynine content. Once the alkaloids get into the bloodstream, they are transported to different parts of the body. Those that get to the brain cells stimulate the neural-pathway triggering the production of hormone dopamine and serotonin. The two induce feelings of happiness and hence reduce anxiety. Besides, white Malay also boosts mental alertness and stabilizes the mood. These events lead to a gradual reduction of anxiety, resulting in a relaxed mental state.

Bottom line

Anxiety continues to ruin the lives of American citizens at an alarming rate. Fortunately, there is still hope for some light at the end of the anxiety tunnel. Recent inquiries have revealed promising results with the help of Kratom. Millions of Kratom enthusiasts have reported a positive influence of Kratom on anxiety. However, not all strains are as effective as the ones described above. Do not let a natural body response that could lead to serious health problems ruin your life. Join the exodus to anxiety-free life with one of the above best Kratom for anxiety.