A laser eye surgery, also called refractive surgery, is a surgical procedure used to treat the most common eye problems such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia. Whenever you have these kinds of issues, it’s essential that you consider surgery in order to avoid complications. Before rushing into surgery, however, you should first consider the cost and typical prices when undergoing this procedure.

1. Geographical Location

Laser eye surgery prices may vary depending on your location. For instance, the cost of laser eye surgery in the UK and other big cities might be higher due to the fact that their cost of living compared to other cities may be more expensive.

Here are price ranges of laser eye surgery from different countries:

  • US – 1,000 USD to 5,000 USD
  • UK – 1,854 USD per eye
  • Australia – 2,500 AUD to 3,700 AUD
  • Turkey – starting from 954 USD
  • Germany – starting from 1,030 USD

2. Surgeons’ Abilities

Prices may also vary depending on the surgeon’s abilities. For surgeons who are just starting, they may offer fees that are lower compared to other surgeons who have already operated on a countless number of patients. In addition, if surgeons have proven that their skills result in successful operations, then they might also charge higher.

Laser eye surgery prices may also vary depending on the surgeon’s way of offering prices. Some surgeons may fixed rates regardless of the technology that will be used in the operation, while others may offer higher prices for using new technology. Before choosing a doctor, be sure to also consider how they charge patients and what these specific charges are for.

3. Type of Laser Eye Surgery

The most typical average price of a laser eye surgery could be as low as 260 USD per eye, but prices ultimately depend on many factors. One factor that laser eye surgery prices depend on is the type of laser eye procedure that will be done to the patient. Here are some types of refractive surgery and their typical prices:

  • PRK: PRK is short for photorefractive keratectomy. Its procedure is done like any other laser eye procedure by reshaping the transparent front part of the eye called the cornea. It uses a laser to allow light that enters the eye to be properly focused for a much clearer sight. This procedure is older compared to other procedures, that’s why its price is less expensive. PRK typically has a rate of 350 USD to 495 USD per eye, excluding facility fees and other follow up fees.
  • LASIK: In LASIK, a thin flap is created in the cornea using a UV light laser or a blade. The surgeon then folds this thin flap in order to remove tissue from the cornea. This method is more popular than PRK because it has a faster recovery time. LASIK has a typical price of 2,090 USD per eye, but there are also some clinics that advertise LASIK for about 1,000 USD. However, these lower prices will most likely not use top-of-the-line technology as LASIK or Custom LASIK can cost up to as much as 4, 000 USD.
  • LASEK: This procedure is a type of PRK that combines LASIK and PRK procedures. LASEK is the most popular type of laser eye surgery because of its accuracy, but some patients are not suitable for this. LASEK is a treatment that could be considered by those who are not qualified for LASIK surgery. LASEK has a typical price that is very similar to LASIK, which is about 1,000 USD to 3,000 USD.    

4. Technology Used

Another factor that laser eye surgery prices depend on is the type of technology used in the surgical procedure. For the latest approved technology, you can naturally expect a higher cost. Here are two examples of new technologies used in laser eye surgery:

  • Wavefront LASIK: This is also called custom LASIK; it uses wavefront technology to detect errors in the eyes that affect vision accurately. 
  • Bladeless LASIK: This is also called all-laser LASIK. This uses femtosecond laser technology instead of a blade to make a thin flap in your cornea. This is most applicable to people who are concerned to have a blade near their eyes.

The two methods have a typical price that can reach up to about 4,000 USD per eye. If you’re considering to have both eyes treated, the costs will be doubled. There is no exact answer as to which new technology works better as both offer excellent success rates. There are also some clinics that provide the same price regardless of which type of LASIK technology is used. 


There is no exact number for how much a laser eye surgery might cost for it depends on a number of factors as stated above. It could range from 200 USD to as much as 4,000 USD. It’s ultimately up to you whether you would decide to avail of a much cheaper procedure with a slow recovery time, or a new and high-tech procedure with better accuracy and faster recovery time.