Chronic diseases in the form of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and obesity can be life-threatening. These diseases weren’t as popular back then as it is now. Research tells us that the reason for this rise is that traditional diets are no longer incorporated into our meals.

Studies tell us also that Hispanics and Latin Americans are more exposed to a few chronic conditions especially diabetes.

This piece is on the matter of Latin diet. Here, we will discuss how to eat right within the Hispanic and Latino community. Let’s dive right in. Regular consumption of traditional diets as our forefathers did can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Reduce exposure to heart diseases, stroke, and high blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Prevent kidney disease, glaucoma, and asthma
  • Remedy chronic disease, and combat certain cancer
  • Help to fight against obesity, and help develop a healthy weight
  • Generally, anyone can remain healthy as long as they incorporate healthy eating habits. Below are a few ways that we can stay healthy through eating:

Cook your Meals at Home and Enjoy with Others

Cooking meals at home doesn’t just help with physical health. It allows you to save more on food as well. Cook at home and eat with friends. Try to move, stretch, and brisk walk around the house often. These are daily-low impact exercises and can help to promote overall health.

Regularly consume plant-based food: plant-based foods work wonders in the body. They have antioxidants properties that help to remove toxins from the system. Try to enjoy fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, herbs, and cereals. You should also enjoy some healthy fats, including olive oil and avocados. This link has more on the benefits of home cooked meals.

Incorporate Seafood into your Diet

It is an excellent idea to consume fish and seafood at least twice a week. When you combine plant-based foods with seafood and fish, you get proper nutrients that allow your body to maintain proper weight. You can choose to grill or broil your seafood, depending on how you want it.

Consume Poultry and Dairy Moderately

Eating eggs, diaries, and poultry in moderate portions can also allow the body to keep a great shape. You can choose fresh cheese staples like the Queso fresco and add them to your soup. This is very popular in the Latin community as long as you aren’t lactose intolerant. But, if you are lactose intolerant, you can mash beans and leafy greens in your poultry and dairy meals.

Meats and Sweets

These are foods that should be consumed once in a while. These should be consumed only during celebrations and during a reward. Consume meats and sweets at most once a week to not agitate any health complications.

Consume Enough Water During the Entirety of the Day

water provides a lot of function to the body. It helps us dehydrate. It helps to ensure that the body fluids are intact so that the system performs to its optimal level.

Nonetheless, if you consume alcohol, regularly, switch to a glass of wine a day. This is for women. As for men, you can keep it two glasses a day.

Latin Americans have a healthy heritage. The traditional foods that you can find here are quite amazing as they are nutritious. The Portuguese, Spanish, and a few continental African countries share some staple foods belonging to Latin Americans. The “Latin diet” comprises meals and eating habits that are known across Latin and Hispanic regions. In these regions, you will find tortillas, polentas, tamales, and a few maize-based dishes. 

You will find rich salsas derived from various chilies, nuts, and seeds. You will find different types of beans, yams, and potatoes, savory seafood, vegetables, and fruits. These are abundant foods that replenish lost nutrients missing from the body. Following the rich Latin diets, you can address the common health conditions that Hispanics suffer. Eating healthy means you can fight conditions like diabetes and obesity that are very popular in Latin America. You can find more here on how much water to drink daily.

A Few Ways to Enjoy Healthy Eating through Latin Heritage

In Latin countries eating traditional dishes is cultural. However, those that leave to the U.S find it difficult to maintain the eating culture. They tend to eat more high-calorie meals, fast foods, and neglect exercise.

Fill Your Plate with lots of Vegetables

As already noted, the Latin diet incorporates lots of vegetables and leafy greens. So why don’t you load up on these as well as other vegetables you can find.

Opt for Bold Flavors

There are lots of regional cuisines to pick from. You will find several flavors with Hispanic heritage. Oregano, cilantro chili peppers, pickled onions, and other fresh herbs are excellent ways to flavor your seafood, vegetables, and beans.

Explore Whole Grains

There are lots of whole grains that originate from Latin America. Some of them include; quinoa, amaranth, whole corn, wild rice, and many more. Just a few minutes, and you can cook yourself some nutritious whole grains.

Opt for Fresh Fish and Sea Foods

A lot of Hispanic homes regularly sit down to enjoy grilled fish tacos, shrimp salads, and seafood paella. You can as well enjoy them. You can even combine yours with fruits and vegetables. This combination is highly nutritious and great for the body as it combats heart disease, and reduces the rate of obesity.

Imbibe the Cuisine of Latin Heritage

It is always a good idea to go back to your root. One of the oldest and important crops of Latin heritage is potatoes. These potatoes are rich in fiber and are highly nutritious. These potatoes can be found in several varieties. And all offer great nutrients to the body. You can complete the Hispanic traditional dinning setting with the Tucocina hispanic cookware that have become a favorite among many Latin diet lovers.

Consume Fruits Everyday

Fruits are very high in nutrients and flavors. They can satisfy the cravings we have for sweets. Guavas, mangos, pineapples, papayas, and passionfruit are just a few of the many fruits you can find in the Latin American diet.

Take Away

Latin diets are made up of nutritious meals excellent for cleansing and maintaining the body’s overall health. However, not all Hispania eat cultural foods. It is time to go back to the way of the ancestors and regularly consume cultural meals as they tend to be very helpful to the body.